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    Gaming, learning languages and countries cultures. Activities that recquires reflexion and deep tactics.<br />News, communication. I'm student in journalism, expert on communication and tv reports.
  1. First of all, i wanna say hi as it's my first post on a poker forum. Im a good old poker player, i started online poker a few ago. That's really interesting, i have to admit it ^^About your post : you're courageous to do that, i mean it can take long to reach 150$ when you start with 50$. Might have been better to invest directly 150$ as a bankroll.If you're a student i understand the difficulty of investing 150$.I am a student, and i did some extra jobs on week ends til i could place 200€ in pokerstars. Much faster to increase this bankroll. Also, it's very motivating to realise you worked ha
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