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  1. Nice one! Btw, anyone watching the Merseyside derby? Awesome game. Tackles flying around..
  2. I think this only works in cash games. Also, for you need to define the autorate rules. Just browse the net for an auto-rate text file, and import it using by going to Configure>Autorate>Rules>Import Rules. Incase you can't find a text file, teply in the thread, and I'll look for the text file I have lying somewhere on my computer and post it.
  3. Just saw Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins Ball. Quite a good movie, some good entertainment. I'd recommend it for those into spy and smart type movies.
  4. Anyone else have a feeling that Morgan and co. are gonna find out about Chuck soon? Cause Morgan's got Jeff stalking Chuck now.
  5. Really loved the episode too. Yep, I would have liked to see Gus' girlfriend stick around for a couple more episodes atleast, though I doubt they'll get her back. Btw, anyone remember what joke Shawn was making where he mention Chad Michael Murray. I laughed at the time, but have since forgotten what was being discussed at that time
  6. Since player B flipped his hand face up, he should win the hand, and take the pot. However, if he had mucked his hand, then even if he realized later, player J should get the chips.
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