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  1. I would also like to try it. How many videos/month does daniel personally make?
  2. Your bet does scream alot of weakness on the river so I may be a bit tempted to call but I doubt anyone on 25NL would be gutsy enough to bluff raise that large on the river on a missed flush draw. So I think a fold here is standard without a read.
  3. Nedok

    Blind Or Deaf?

    Deaf for sure, you couldn't even leave the house without a seeing eye dog.
  4. 1st hand: You are behind here a huge percentage of the time and not getting good enough odds.2nd hand: Push or Fold preflop, as played I like the open shove on the flop because it looks like a draw.
  5. I voted to to bet the turn because I think that he's not really likely to have a king here, only likely ones are KQ/KTs(KT might call pre) (AK 3bets or shoves preflop). Since he called the flop he is either floating or calling with a small pair. I'm still not sure about checking because we lose value when he has a small pair and thinks we're just double barreling. But when we bet we lose the value from his floats. I guess it comes down to how often you think hes floating here.
  6. You should never be 3betting in that spot preflop. However as played, thats a perfect flop to cbet especially since you can rep AK easily and they are both likely to have missed the flop and will be scared with most of the pairs they may have called with preflop and will give up.
  7. Your lucky man, I wish a new casino or poker room would open up near me. Right now I have to drive for an hour and a half just to get to a casino that has live poker.
  8. I think if your going to play that hand preflop, you should make a larger raise to better define the callers ranges. When you minraise like that they can have a huge ranges of hands. As played, I would just call the flop because you easily be crushed against a flush or set. He is giving us great odds to outdraw him if we are beat and we have a decent chance of being ahead so I would call. If we shove, I don't see him calling with worse except maybe an ace with a big diamond.
  9. I don't see many worse hands that he plays like this that will call. I think that you should have value bet the turn because his hand looked like a draw based on his play. Then you can safely check behind the river and get the same amount of value while charging his draws.
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