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  1. It's OK slink I just wanna share some thoughts and see what happens. Is there a boxing thread here? I know a lot of people will get into that.
  2. Resurrected himself by being in the all star. Well a guess just this once, probably his last. More of a problem to deal with his ego than anything else.
  3. They won today with Garnett back at the line-up. An OT win nevertheless. Anyway that is good news for the most winnings team in the NBA. Looking at 18.
  4. I read late last year that a blockbuster movie is scheduled to start shoot this year about online casino with emphasis on poker.I wonder what the plot will be since online casino is all about sitting in front of your monitor. Not of an action is this. On the other hand main character will be Leonardo DiCaprio, that's interesting.
  5. Will Pacman and Money ever get to meet each other in the ring for their much anticipated bout this year. A mega-fight resulting in gigatons of money for both fighters.
  6. For whatever reasons his comeback to F1, it certainly put a added hype unto the sport. Having a 7 time world champion come out of retirement and challenges these younger ones certainly is worth the look.
  7. To me circumcision began as a religious ritual found in many religion across the globe. Science debated on the benefits it may derive from such practice but found of little value. Although I did had mne at the age of 12 for the reason, well, most guys have it.
  8. Again Boston Celtics lost their road game this time against Detroit Pistons 92-86. Celtics has gone 4-6 in their last 10 games and doesn't look fit to be in the conference finals. Without a healthy Kevin Garnett and off season acquisition Marquis Daniels, Celtics will be just playing second fiddle to the Cavs.
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