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  1. and everyone would agree this is a good strategy? this seems sort of taboo when discussing bankroll
  2. I would say i play at least a good hour or two a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Solid definitely seems to be the winning strategy in micro's.. bluffs seem to not work as much but it good hands seem to pay off more times than not. Most people at the stakes I play are unable to lay down top pair. Even if its a pair of 10s with a Queen kicker.
  3. this is all really good advice, i guess i have just found myself at a point where i began to doubt my abilities as a player.. but good advice on forums and other literature definitely keeps my game solid. i don't understand your supersystem reference babyldonk? surely you don't mean after i lose some of my bankroll to double my stakes? could you clarify?
  4. Hi everyone,This month marks one year for to be regularly playing online. When I first started I used a 50 dollar bankroll and grew it to 100. Then I withdrew it and tried to do it again then lost it. Then I tried a 150 bankroll and withdrew it at 245. Here lately, I had a 300 dollar bankroll and fell to 150 and had to drop stakes. Alot of times I feel like my play is good against low stakes but I frequently get sucked out on by donk callers or I lose by lowering the standard of my play to what alot of low level players do. I can easily afford to have a 500 to 700 dollar bankroll but I was won
  5. I have read some of the other topics that deal with my questions on this forum and a others.. however, I would still like to explore what are common leaks of omaha games and also how should I adjust my game for 6 handed play.. also, it would be nice to have a good idea of some books to buy! Thanks again!
  6. Hi guys,I am still very new to the game of Omaha, and mainly I have been playing pot limit omaha because of the great action, unfortunately, I have become fish food many times. I am playing low stakes and usually get into 6 handed games because Full Tilt does not have many 9 handed games for some reason. I have a great grasp on Hold em' and consistently win playing tournament NL. For this topic I was wanting some basic direction as far as PLO goes. What are good starting hands?When should one raise pre-flop if ever?What are some common leaks in peoples PLO games?What are some good resources as
  7. ok so its the best five card hand no matter what? as long as you use your two cards?
  8. I have just converted from Hold em to Omaha nad have read a few threads about basic rules but none mention what happend to me earlier on full tilt. I had QQ109 and the flop came Q 10 6. Two players push all in and the hand and the next two cards are K K. The player reveals his hand and he has KJ45 and I lose. Why is it that my hand is merely 3 of a kind and not a full house? Are there any other weird rules about Omaha that I should be aware of?
  9. I have read Daniel's book Power Hold Em strategy but I still feel the need to read some more about small ball approach and when to apply it, has anyone read any books that talk about small ball in detail other than power hold em strategy?
  10. So, if I am in the big blind with a deep stack and someone in position raises x3, what is the better play according to small ball? Simply call the raise, or re raise? The reason I am asking is because while the point of small ball is to win small pots, AK value goes down significantly after the flop, especially out of position. Thoughts?
  11. also, top pairs w/ top kickers have usually been the nuts, i catch a lot of people bluffing... drawing hands usually don't look to profitable since most people use the bet pot button..
  12. I was wanting to know of those who have experienced Rush Poker of Full Tilt what methods and strategies have worked for you? How does short stack play and deep stack play vary when we see over 250 hands in an hour and we don't know anything about our opponent? I see a lot of profit and potential in this game, however, with it being so new I am finding it hard to gain an edge over the competition. Any thoughts? I will be posting new strategies I find profitable as I move along but PLEASE feel free to share anything you have found to work in this thread. Thanks
  13. will do! thanks, where can i find out how to post the illustrated tables like the ones in other posts?
  14. well its my 2nd post so i think you could be a little friendlier. the reason i wanted to make a small raise was to encourage him to push
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