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  1. no reads just moved to tablePokerStars Game #57404228073: Tournament #406010803, $50+$5 USD Omaha Pot Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2011/02/09 19:46:35 ETTable '406010803 1' 9-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: jneff24 (6985 in chips) Seat 2: tsamopaido (8245 in chips) Seat 3: the rye guy (3000 in chips) out of hand (moved from another table into small blind)Seat 4: PHSLCODE87 (10345 in chips) Seat 5: killerk12 (12603 in chips) Seat 6: ICuRaRook (4430 in chips) Seat 7: bigmo58h (4902 in chips) Seat 9: M0sdef (3242 in chips) PHSLCODE87: posts small blind 75killerk12: posts big blind 150*** HOLE CARD
  2. Trying not to be results oriented but this tilts me a little bit:Full Tilt Poker Game #23178607302: $17,500 KO Guarantee (178926537), Table 30 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 11:48:56 ET - 2010/08/18Seat 1: jneff24 (2,235)Seat 2: resignado (3,290)Seat 3: Proximo45 (3,050)Seat 4: bloodlust007 (1,985)Seat 5: style31 (2,135)Seat 6: jastaspistas (3,445)Seat 7: ThePolv (8,325)Seat 8: Balsamicsquare (2,850)Seat 9: vamiguel (1,850)Balsamicsquare posts the small blind of 25vamiguel posts the big blind of 50The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to jneff24 [6c 6s]jneff24 calls 50 (Hero)resignado
  3. I have the book, let me know if you want to buy it. You could just ship me some $$$ on FT or Stars......whatever you want. PM me if interested.
  4. I'd definately shove preflop.So hard to analyze the hand when you don't know the table. I'm sure those guys were playing with each other a long time and had a pretty good feel for each other.If you analyze it just based on the hand history (online style), you can really only put the villian on AA KK or maybe QQ.....if you put him on those hands, the turn may scare you a little, but a that point almost 50% of your stack is in the pot. Easy shove in my opinion.I actually didn't see the hand so I don't know what happened yet......assume the villian sucked out.
  5. I put him on something like AK or AQ of diamonds or maybe something like 1010 on the turn. I checked to see if he would semi bluff with his draw. I also thought he might be a little weaker since I had raise 3 of the 1st 4 hands (slight chance he was simply trying to buy it on the turn).I figured he would reraise me preflop with something like JJ or QQ, and the chance he had K10 are very small that early. So do I just lay down AA and put him on a small set all the time in this spot?
  6. Fourth hand of the 750k guarantee on FT. I had raised 2 of the previous three hands with AJ and AQ in late position. Get AA next hand. I usually push these hands pretty hard early. Thoughts on my play?Full Tilt Poker Game #21593493655: $750,000 Guarantee (161850634), Table 178 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:04:36 ET - 2010/06/13Seat 1: mosulica (2,980)Seat 2: GrinderMJ (2,970)Seat 3: Christian Kruel (2,970)Seat 4: Nadinskiy (2,970)Seat 5: ShipItGGTHX (2,875)Seat 6: ThePimpOfPoker (3,000)Seat 7: BRS23 (3,000)Seat 8: jneff24 (3,235)Seat 9: bigshang16 (3,000)ShipItGGTHX posts the small blind
  7. Fold. You are beat. I know it is hard to get away from, but you are most likely beat here.
  8. Sorry no hand converter.Middle position with a little more than starting stack (3000), get dealt AA. Blinds are 15/30. Player in earlier position makes it 90, next player calls. I make it 300 to go with my AA. Original raiser calls, other guy folds.Flop KJ9 with 2 hearts. Pot is now 700. First player bets 420. I raise to 1600. He goes all in and has me covered.I have about 1400 left and there is 2900 in the pot.No reads on any of the players. Am I committed? Any way to fold this? I don't think he has KK....but maybe JJ or 99. So hard to tell at this stage of tourney...could be flush d
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