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  1. He plays the harmonica like he knows what to do with his tongue.I dreamed of Jon Snow and he's not legal.Mornin'. Stayed home sick today. I have a tummy ache. So far I haven't puked.
  2. Hi. I got nothing particularly interesting to say. Just hi.
  3. Excellent. Relateable is always good in a song. <3
  4. You're too sweet to me. The chorus is:All I really want to do is love youand it don't matter to me if you love me backit'd be better if you didbut I'll take what I can getcause loving you has always been a one way trackI'm also working on one called Running and one called Weed, Wine and Pills.
  5. He does. Specifically, he lives in Speedway.
  6. Do you remember Derrick? (Not DHut, the other Derrick)He hung out with us in the Ran M&G line in Indy when she opened for Kenny Chesney?He's a big Sugarland fan. He was there. He was about 10 feet from where the top rigging fell. He has some bruises and scrapes from helping dig people out from under the rigging but he's okay.
  7. ooooooooohhhhh she's cuuuuuuuute!
  8. I thought we were keeping our thing on the downlow?
  9. My pee is lemonade colored and I pooped today.I knew everyone would want to know.Plus I can't seem to get enough sleep today. I've taken 2 naps since I've been home from work.
  10. Buy me a guitar in Vegas and I'll serenade you with it.I'd like a Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody 2 please.
  11. I have decided the only shoes I will wear in Vegas will be flip flops. I have 3 new pair for the trip. If I can't wear flip flops to dinner then I guess I'm not eating.
  12. Mourning. I have nothing particularly interesting to report.
  13. How'd we get on stage or how'd we get backstage to talk to Stoney?Hayley hooked us up for Stoney. I've met Stoney a couple of times before. At the venues he usually plays, there's no need for something like a meet & greet. There's just not that many people and it's just a bar so Stoney usually just comes out to the merchandise table to meet people after his shows. So I've met him at the Wormy Dog and I've talked to him at Grady's before one of his shows there once. This was a festival though. It was on a military base and he was opening for Merle Haggard and Miranda Lambert so there was a
  14. Yeppers.We also got to hang out a few minutes with Stoney at his show the day before.
  15. Why zero? Did I misread the today part of when she said she flys home to Dave?
  16. What's the over under on the number of times Nik and Dave did the el sexo today?Happy 4th of July everyone. Blue, if I remember correctly from my nephews little league days, at that age they put one of the best players on the team at 1st so congrats.Fun, fun weekend. I'm exhausted. My days and nights are all mixed up too. I guess that's what happens when you literally party like a rock (or red dirt) star all weekend. I'm still coming down from the cool vibe that was sharing a stage with Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen. Now I've got what? 3 weeks to rest up for Vegas?I'm going to have to buy my liv
  17. Take a vicodin, Nik. Then you'll be able to just sit back and watch it happen. Hope it allgoes well.
  18. YippeeKyeYayMotherFucker.I think Ozzy & I are gonna alter our consciousness and go see the new X-Men movie tonight.
  19. Alright it's done. Ozzy and I are booked at the Paris.
  20. Those people fascinate me too. I just do not understand that kind of illness at all.Now the fuckers on Intervention, those fuckers I get.Yes, Henry, we come in Thursday night and we're leaving Sunday night. Late Sunday night.Edit - And I hope my Spiceygirl can come. And that's my 1 post of the day. Night.
  21. I'm not even really sure anymore.
  22. It's true. Both things.Alright so Nik and Scott seem to think this thing is dying and Nik is pleading with everyone to just post once a day and trust that the fun stories and conversations will come when we get back in the habit of posting.While I still feel like I'm repeating things nobody wants to hear again (since you've probably all read it all on facebook anyway), if it makes Nik happy, I'll try it.So on that note, here's what's been going on with me lately....First, what Nik mentioned is true. I got a chance to see Cody again for about the 10th time this year last night but I got a chan
  23. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Me too. I have to call the bus lady today to make sure we're all good to go. We have hit a bit of a snafu. There was a misunderstanding between Shannon (Cody's wife) and the venue and they will not be at the place Shannon thought they were going to be that night. She is trying to rebook them for some other venue in Austin that night. She's going to let me know how it goes but if she can't get Cody and Seth booked somewhere in Austin that night we have a Plan B. The bad news is Plan B doesn't involv
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