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  1. 1) I think I could swing that.2) That sounds about right. 3) Macros909 plays a lot of volume but is not a profitable player. He played 15K tourneys in 2009 and only profited $1360? Most months he was in the hole. He had one big month of $1600 that got him out of the red. Ouch. Check out Frenzuh. He did similar volume and profited $22K last year. Of course his average BI is $12 but that's more along the lines of the model I'd like to follow. All he does is turbos AFAIK. Any other examples like this?I doubt I could do that kind of volume but I think if I had that kind of BR, I'd be tryi
  2. Why is your ROI so different between $1.10 and $1.20? Is it because the $1.20's aren't turbos?
  3. What BR would you recommend for playing $1.10 45-man turbos? Would 50 BI be too small? My goal is to deposit once and grow from there, moving up stakes as I go. Also, what is a good ROI for these 45-man turbos? Are there any known players that make their bread and butter off these kind of tourneys?
  4. I've been playing with the $.10 360-man turbos today after watching that 45-man video posted in this thread earlier. Spent all day playing and I think I'm $.40 up. Pretty good learning experience as I hadn't played turbos much before. Have to admit they are a blast!
  5. I got to watch most of the day but missed the end. Great job!
  6. Yeah this has been my issue as well. I get bored. I'm so impatient.
  7. Up 2mil after that hand. I just logged into the live broadcast as they were about to lay down the flop. Wow!
  8. I probably fold that hand 30% of the time. Probably a leak in my game.
  9. Spent the weekend not playing as much as I wanted to. What playing I got in pretty much got me back to even. Lost some stupid hands on the river that still have me hot under the collar. Played in a tourney last night where I was dominating the entire game. 1st in chips by a mile and then I hit some bad luck. Went into 4 straight hands way ahead only to be killed on the river. Came in 4th which is a nice payday in a 45 man tourney but I wanted that win in a bad way.So BR is a bit over $30 now. Up $5 from the start of the month so I can't complain really. Just so tired of playing $.25 to
  10. Hand 1: Easy shove and hope for a call. Either way, you win a good size pot.Hand 2: I don't fall in love with AKo this early in the tourney. I probably would've called PF and folded to any good-size raise after the flop. If it were later in the tourney, shoving is a good play, IMO. Just call. AQo is not a great hand with so many limpers and being OOP. This. I'd probably setmine it because I have a hard time folding these hands. I'm definitely not doing more than calling PF and bailing if I don't hit it on the flop. Hard fold. You don't have enough chips to setmine and your only
  11. Noob question here. What is this "crossbooking" that you speak of?
  12. I don't really blame him. I would think most big pros would think like that. If you have that much confidence in your game and you know there are only a handful of players that may be better than you, I think it's natural to think like this. I would've shoved with 33 as well but I'm a donk so take that for what it's worth.
  13. Not to jump on the dogpile but I agree as well. If I get a hand like this at this point of the tourney, I can't wait to shove it all in!
  14. Yeah that's usually I would handle it but this early in the tourney it's hard to get a read. At this point, I'm mostly betting according to the board. If it's friendly, I'm firing. If it's scary, I'm checking. Deep in the tourney, I'm attacking like crazy. I'd hate to dump half my chips in the second hand of the tourney, though.
  15. I wrote a long explanation as to why I'd play the JJ like you did but then decided that flat calling probably would've been your best move. There's a good chance you'll be in position if the button folds and you'll be able to reevaluate your hand better after the flop. So if the flop comes out with undercards and it's checked to you, you can put a decent-size bet out there. If called, what now? Your hand is probably still good and he's likely on a draw. Do you come out firing bigger on the turn, cbet, or just check it down? That's where I have leaks.As for the A9, I'd check/fold. In fac
  16. Turbos are too much gambling and not enough real strategy, IMO. I'm not on a time table and this is all for fun for me so I can handle the regular speed. I'm afraid if I play turbos, I'll just lose my money twice as fast! :)I've played STT's, 18's and 27's and I suck at them.
  17. Yeah that's a given. I'm really trying to learn this game. Goal is to be a winning player both short term and long term.
  18. Hey everyone! Noob to the board here.I am happy to see a thread like this as I love playing SNG's and I'm attempting to build my BR in 2010. I'm starting out at $30 and I'm looking to build it up as high as I can. I don't have a ton of time to play so I'm not setting any time limits. My ultimate goal would be to build my BR to play $11 and $22 SnG's. 45 man tourneys are my bread and butter and I'm currently grinding the $.25 SnG's on Pokerstars. I'm looking at moving up levels when I reach 40-50 BI's. I will move down when necessary. I'm staying away from turbos because I suck at them
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