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  1. New bnet system, inovative campaign,gameplay is pretty much the seme, there are some changes:pathways have been corrected,control towers on the map, gold minerals(more minerals)different bo(lets say you can get ghost pretty fast) etc..
  2. Serbian movie. Sick lets say horror. It about retired porn actor who gets offer he cant resist, but key is he doesn't know the scenario.Whole time main director is pushing his limits, there are some really gruesomely scenes. But movie talks about life on Balkan here. If u have stomack to watch it- i can only recommend it to you.
  3. I was playing Brood War 5 years in a row online, and was beta tester for SC2-it is awesome. Sadly, I don't have any money now to buy it(in Croatia standard edition cost 450kunas whic is 75-80$),but i will for sure:)
  4. Nothing special, it's just about he is not my type of actor. But he is great in SI and Body of lies i must say.
  5. Shutter Island- Leonardo DiCaprio-which I don't like at all,acted his best role ever i think. Great story,great Scorcese,sick turnovers 9/10Gone baby gone- drama about two detectives trying to find missing girl. Nice act, little too long movie. 7/10
  6. Gj Ted, this is pretty sick. And Mike is such an argh...ass.
  7. Good for Hellmuth. He is such a clown and showman.Lost his poker abilities long ago. New kids are rockin' now.
  8. KickAss - great movie. Nice actors,awesome music, easy-to-follow scenario,lot of fun. 9/10Friday- comedy, but I didn't like it at all. It has no plot, just two high guys sitting in front of their house and doing whatever are they doing every day.After KickAss ,that was bad. 4/10
  9. I'd play this hand just like guy wrote in last post:)
  10. RocknrRolla - typical Richie style, love it so much, it's not his best movie, but it's not crap either, 8/10The Book of Eli- very good movie, to be fair with stereo story, but actors were great, camera corners in fights were not typical 7.5/10The Road- one more movie about apocalypse, I've watched it just after Eli, but this one was totally different, it's all based on emotions and keeps you in the movie, everything else is just secondary. 7.5/10Revolver- great actors, great Richie, great movie. 9/10Green mile- best movie I've seen i last few months. Extra story, great acting, incredible story
  11. This is pretty funny article...I mean, you could go out exercise and be hit by a car and die.. I guess generations of ppl died in schools, in front off computers...rofl:)
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