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  1. My boss wants us to right a “bio” for ourselves for our CFO to take with him to the new banks HQ next week and I just don’t want to do it. I already told my boss I’m not interested in having to spend the next year auditioning for a chance to maybe get to keep my job and that’s exactly what this feels like. Especially if they want to retain the other analyst, too. That’s a no for me, dawg. No way would I sign up to work with him again. Edit: in positive news, my buddy in Vegas cashed another tourney for $2500 the other day so that’s another $125 for me. He’s currently playing the $1,500 WS
  2. I just want the record to show that I was playing on the joke that we used to use Brvy as a substitute for god and that he can literally walk on water. Not in a sarcastic way. I would kill for Brvy.
  3. I said I would Uber home! But unlike you I can’t walk on water and I was in the middle of a lake on a boat. And shore was within swimming distance but I didn’t have a change of clothes for the Uber. They’re the ones who changed the plans and then wouldn’t work with me on a reasonable solution. IM NOT WRONG, IM NOT WRONG I screamed into the abyss.
  4. I was going to take tomorrow/Friday off but then with the news of the bank sale I figured I’d just work in case I need to cash them out but then I decided to just use them when I close on the house to move.
  5. Great, now I’m the ******* because I was like “hey, don’t want to be a buzzkill but it’s almost 9” and they’re like “no prob, we’ll finish up our game” and then they were like “well, can you just get an Uber from the beach we want to watch the firework?” And I’m like “ are you serious? I can’t get in an Uber soaking wet”. And then they offered to walk the boat to shore and I’m like fine, **** it, but I’m not getting in the water. I didn’t even want to come but you talked me into it because you said we’d only be a few hours.” And now everybody’s leaving and I’m the *******.
  6. We took a friends boat out last night and just hung out drinking in the water. Today I woke up at like 6 and then went and got a breakfast sandwich from mcd’s (bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit). Then went back to bed until 11:30. Went over to a friends for a BBQ for a few hours and then we took the boat out as the weather had cleared up. Still here. Kinda want to go home though. I’m the only dumbass who didn’t take tomorrow off and I’m ready to start getting ready for bed.
  7. Dang Strat. I think it might be time for E,S,&N Consulting to start soliciting clients.
  8. Bought 5% of a buddies WSOP action. He got into Vegas yesterday and basically went straight to the tables and ended up shipping a $10k seat in a satellite event. He’s not going to play the main though so he’ll just cash in the ticket so basically I’ve already doubled my “investment” and he’s still got a few more days of tourneys scheduled. And since I paid him so long ago I had basically written off the $200 and so it feels like an extra $500 so far. Told him if he wins enough for me to get a new kitchen he can have a plaque in my 3 seasons porch.
  9. So CFO called me to his office to help him write a formula to calculate severance payouts so I now officially know how it’s going to be calculated. Which, basically matches the document that the other bank has on the welcome/new employee site they gave us day one that one of the family members has been adamant isn’t correct. He’s the one who’s been spouting this 2 week/yr nonsense. And just this morning him and then a coworker who’s been here 35 yrs were arguing if it was the 2 or 1 week. He was claiming that our CFO told him directly just last night that it isn’t the plan on the website.
  10. Now I’m hearing mumbling it’s just two weeks severance for every year of service. If that’s the case and I don’t get a firm commitment of a better job than I have I am out this bitch tomorrow.
  11. Yeah, my goal is to do nothing or buy anything major for 6 months or so. Probably longer now due to the whole job situation. Really want to be deliberate and intentional in my design. Two exceptions will be painting the pink room, buying some rugs, and a shed of some sort since I only have a one car garage. I don’t know if my roommate will have any furniture to bring but if not I’ll just find some stuff off of Craigslist to put in the basement for him. Otherwise, I’ve got everything I’d need either from living on my own or my roommates. They’re giving me an entertainment stand, some end table
  12. I don’t know what I’d do for two months. I’d be hesitant to spend any money on house renovations without having a job lined up. I will try to take two weeks between jobs though. My friends that I was living with are doing their reno at the moment and I was able to claim some furniture for the new place from them. It’s not the nicest stuff and it’s all a little mismatched but at least it’s furniture that I can move in day one (and jerk off on) without having to blow a bunch of money right away before getting settled. And Brvy bless him, a buddy of mine passed up a different roommate situa
  13. Oh hell ya. That’s day one shit.
  14. Nice. Although that’s kinda fvcked up from your boss. That’s such a hostile work environment. I don’t know if I could put up with that for long although getting paid pretty well helps, I guess. Had a meeting with our CFO yesterday about interest rates and then he asked me to stop by his office and we talked bank sale. Said he absolutely understands if i think it’s in my best interest to find a new job and that he’ll do anything he can to help me if that’s the case but also give them some time to figure stuff out. He’s going down to their HQ in a few weeks and he thinks he’ll have a much
  15. The sellers had an offer accepted and we’ll close in a month providing everything goes fine! RIBS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS
  16. Nice. I got one of the anova models last year on prime day. I use a little cooler that I cut a hole in the lid to fit the machine with the assumption it will be better for heat retention and evaporation. I also bought one of the wholly unnecessary vacuum sealers but it was a refurb on meh for like $30 and I use it a bit for jerky and partioning bulk foods, too.
  17. Welcome, friend. Glad you could make it. What do you got for a setup? I did ribs once and they were excellent.
  18. Well I’ve got some time on my hands now so let’s get this thing done. Just put in some fake names and shit or make notes in the cells about where you need stuff to go and I’ll get it done easy peezy.
  19. There’s also this chance that they’d want me to stay on. I know a few of our C-suite execs think very highly of me and I’m sure they could talk to the parent about finding me a position somewhere. There’s just a lot of “it depends” because now the twin cities is their biggest market after an acquisition last year but they’re HQ is in Indiana right now. So, who knows. For two companies that claim their employees are top priority and their biggest assets it feels pretty shitty that they didn’t somewhat work this shit out prior to announcing.
  20. I don’t know, it’s not like I’m going to be out of a job tomorrow and even then I’ve got savings I could tap into if I needed to and throw in severance, which if the document I found on their website is to be trusted will be at least 8 weeks + vacation payout, and unemployment, id be fine for 5ish months. And I honestly don’t think it’d take me that long to find a new job. My biggest worry is that I wouldn’t make it through underwriting now.
  21. So, they just announced our bank is being purchased, closing at some point in Q4. No word on what that means for my employment going forward but I probably have a job until at least then. Said we should know more in 4-6 weeks which is great because of the whole house situation.
  22. So just got a call from my realtor..they haven't found a house yet and it's still not a done deal but they feel bad about having made me wait and have accepted the fact they can't be as picky as they want and might have to live somewhere temporarily because they def want to move and get settled before the school year starts (she's a teacher) so they were hoping I was still interested and wondering if I might do a rent back or push the closing out some. And I said I'm not agreeing to any change in terms without a firm close date that they can't cancel on and if I have to pay to keep my rat
  23. I was back in DSM for a wedding all weekend. It was fun. Now, I’m procrastinating getting my stuff packed up and moved to my temporary housing while I await a resolution with the house. Really in a funk ATM. Strat, I think you would get along with my boss. We’ve had the useless KPI/reporting discussion a million times. But then anytime I get any free time to work on improvements I get volunteered by our CFO to redesign lending informational sheets or to put together a business case for a product that’s already been tacitly approved by management but just needs to have gone th
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