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  1. Raise pf ainec!!! I don't know why every1 is saying limp pf (I know why actually but the logic is flawed). If you raise and get a bunch of cold callers, great!! You have an awesome family pot hand w/positive equity. More $$ for you. If you raise and only the limpers call, great!! You have thinned the field making it more likely that you can win this pot w/just a pair or even w/o a showdown.Flop and turn fine.River is a b/c.
  2. Your read on villain isn't accurate. If the raise was from BTN and 3 bet from sb, then capping AJo in the bb is 100% correct. Also, it doesn't tell us if he's spewtastic postflop.That said, I think I donk/call the river. Villain raised utg. KK, QQ, and JJ are all strong possibilities, especially given the way it's played.
  3. Bet turn please. It's possible you still have the best hand. The board is draw heavy. You don't want to give free cards. Often villains will call flop w/overcards (or even one overcard) but fold to a turn c-bet. If a turn c-bet is called, I check/call or check/fold depending if the river hit the board. On this river, check/fold.
  4. This hand was played bad. First, raise UTG please. 99 waaaaaaaaay too strong to open limp (or fold). Often times making a mistake on one street will cause more mistakes on other streets and/or make it more difficult to play. This is one of them. As played, the flop check raise is fine. I'd probably just check/call the whole way as his raising range has a few kings in it. But ymmv. Why in the world did you check the turn? Were you going for the trifecta badge? A safe card came on the turn. BET!! Then bet the river. I hope you were planning on calling a river bet too.
  5. At these stakes, I'd probably call. These players are pretty retarded. But can't fault any1 for folding.
  6. Bet turn and river. Dammit rumsey we've talked about this. lol
  7. 3 bet pf is good too. Bet/call AINEC
  8. Following Ed Miller's Small Stakes Hold'Em guidelines should yield a nice winrate.
  9. What level? I used to 24 table 25c-50c and 50c-$1. If your stakes are very passive, I limp 22-77 from EP and raise the rest.
  10. Are the chips you may gain really worth the chips you may lose? I'm not thinking in NL terms. I don't know how. I'm strictly a cash LHE game player. I know you don't lose your whole stack. If you're willing to go to a flop 5 handed w/77, sounds like you're set mining. Why raise when you're set mining? You may be right, but I'm not convinced that raising is rly that much better (if at all) than calling basically knowing the pot is multi way.
  11. Raising is +cEV, but is it +$EV? If you entered a WSOP event, would you risk your tourny on a flopped flush draw given 5-1 odds? I mean, you are getting the right odds. I know it's an extreme example, but we're talking a tourny here. You can't be serious about liking taking a flop 5 handed w/77 in a tourny.
  12. You are allowed to do this. But you are also allowed to slow roll. Ask Suharto. Douchy move tbh.
  13. In a cash game, yes. In a micro donkament where the pot will likely bet 5+ handed, I disagree. I would probably raise, but calling is closer than in a cash game, and may actually be better.
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