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  1. Hi guys! I'm in Chicago. Brvheart and Scram--want to meet at Manny's?
  2. Right?!! Because Frau, Scram, and Denzel are all the same person! Someone post the boom gif.
  3. Mom in small city. $30 for 4 drinks. I don't know what to do with myself, except tip $10.
  4. RM, I haven't seen that performance, in some of the other Nikki Minaj stuff I've seen she's clearly wearing stagewear with a padded ass. Rewatch a couple of times and report back (har!).
  5. Hey what happened? Some of you are really funny. Did you all save it up for end of year? Ron thank you for protecting my sexxy honor.
  6. Hi Fritz! Hope you had a good holiday.
  7. ...and eats fish, and is no gay man at all.
  8. I am a wonderful hag. What kind of Big 10 denizen are you--not thinking of Animal House before the worthless Skinny Bear trope?
  9. Christmas miracle! My newly skinny relative is consumed with health issues. He's so curious about everyone around him, so I got my height remeasured to correctly calculate my BMI. I've been under reporting! I'm really 65.5 inches. Hell yeah.
  10. Jesus was uncalled for, Source: Muslims and Chosen People
  11. Hey maybe you two should exchange phone numbers and stop cluttering up the Internet.
  12. Where the fck am I? Today I ran errands with the aging relatives. We drive to the bank--to the drive up teller. This bank still has in use multiple air canisters, and did not ask for photo ID when cashing a check.
  13. I'm 5' 4", 120 lb. I should be able to charge for the privilege of sitting next to me on all public transportation. Edit: sure to ramen, I've been all about tacos lately. I have a beautiful photo I'll share with (Hank) when I get back to LA. Oh! Has anyone here seen RTJ? They've got a show in January and I'm thinking of scalping.
  14. I am now casting the thread participants in Animal House roles. Dibs on Ramis.
  15. I'm a dick. My department is having our holiday get together tonight, at a bar. I know I'll end up paying. I'm the new boss. SO FAR SO GOOD. A woman who works for me, who runs marathons and hosts Thanksgivings, and is generally adorable, has made it known she also bought each of us something. WHY. WASN'T THE FOOD AND DRINK ENOUGH. I am a woman and the worst, I caved to the pressure and found cute things for her and another co worker. There's a third co worker, though, that I never bought for. I went next level, stopped by the gift givers desk this morning and applied some passi
  16. Okay JLL, yes, the work thing would be bad. I think IEs underling is taking that role. Thank God we don't post emojis here.
  17. The gesture is more important than the content.
  18. When you lose weight, and your bras still fit: Nip-piphany
  19. I'm going to a burlesque tribute to John Waters tonight. My ticket was only $15, so I'm really hoping for some broke down snaggletoothed magic.
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