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  1. It was good! The show was all ages, and RTJ came out around 10:15. They played for maybe 70 minutes, brought out Gangsta Boo, one encore. The crowd was ridiculously oversold, the sound just okay. I got there early enough I was able to stand at a balcony rail. The main floor looked miserable--close enough to feel part of it was pretty physical. Far enough away for a single lady and you were wedged together and couldn't see anything. Home by 12:15. I wore a pink sleeveless sweater, jeans, black flats. Big gold chain.
  2. Okay, I either pulled a Munson or I'm awesome. There's three of us seeing the concert tonight. I'm friends with one, acquaintances with the other. My friend works near venue--I got downtown early and met her for leisurely dinner and drinks. It's an all ages show, doors opened at 7:30 but RTJ comes on at 10:00. Anyway, my friend had a fainting spell at work today and decided she didn't want to stand for hours and stay out late. She's walked with me to venue, I stood in line to get in, she set about selling her ticket. I brought my Burke Williams spa gift certificate, not my concert
  3. Immediate help? Buying tequila for cool as balls 70ish donor.
  4. Deep red wool jacket, orange scarf, bright lipstick--I'm feeling this. My boss has been out of town, he's coming back tomorrow, and my org is about to announce a high profile project. This could be my last good work day for a while. Edit confidential to Ron: More we have in common, I've never been a size queen, either. I'm more interested in sex drive talk than sex talk.
  5. Pick your your own comforter, too coupleish too soon. Has anyone here used You Need a Budget? A friend of mine swears by it. I have month to month money, and need to plan better.
  6. It's a check box. Maybe only on a desktop?
  7. This ended well for me. This is the kind of loss I want for the Cowboys, bridesmaids but not brides.
  8. His birthday is February 9. Since he didn't sign the Constitution or Dec of Independance, or serve in the Cabinent, he's as much of a Founding Father as a woman. Edit: or Negro.
  9. I had a different take--I assumed she had to reset her ClitBit.
  10. I'm not surprised--it was also Dave's birthday. I'm hoping for a cool drop in or two at Run the Jewels. How was everyone's weekend? I worked Friday night and Saturday, the donor event season has fired up again. Both nights, separate donors told me they wanted to go shopping in my closet. BAM. Raining last night and today, sounds wonderful.
  11. Blue and white striped Henley, with yellow and blue stripes at shoulders. Good detail. Red lipstick. I moved offices last night (didn't wait for the maintainence guys, just did it). I was really touched when 5-6 co workers showed up to help.
  12. Up to exercise, as per ushe. I try not to use phone until I'm out of the house--tshirt and shorts, with new Sauconys (gray and orange).
  13. The picture request should only happen of the conversation is via text. If conversation is in person, the photo request says "I'm more comfortable with the image than the real thing."
  14. Why don't you go talk to some female about her feelings.
  15. You all like me for my mind, Sugar Tits is not appropriate. Yes, Bobby Simone over John Kelly.
  16. Buttercup, I am saying the lady has ladyneeds.
  17. My first defeat of the new work year. I got up, exercised, and left my lunch at home. Napa: you bragging about your 4wheel and how it can keep you at work bums me out.
  18. She's not looking to date you. Your best time was within 72 hours of her telling you that.
  19. It's NYE, and things are getting weird. The couples should have played that game with partner swapping. Am I reading this correctly, IE, were you a 5th wheel? Maybe some single could have been the DH.
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