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  1. I'm a winner, in a narrow time frame. Today I Had therapy Took a hike with a girlfriend Had post hike tacos, etc with friend Bought new glasses Worked Took care of super donor My job is still tough, I'm not in a good place here. Also it's a good day, I didn't use my AK.
  2. Today was a cabin in the Shit-arondacs. Next week will be more of the same. I need to marry old and wealthy right now, or a nice personal injury with a county owned vehicle?
  3. To add a minor update: the KoreanAmerican is still a beautiful woman. She's broken up with her loser wannabe actor boyfriend, and is now dating a very, very nice guy who works on Bob's Burgers.
  4. Midwest to CA, still has the FL relevant joke. I'm a goddamn game day player. I had a terrible yesterday, followed by one today, with the promise of one tomorrow. Yesterday I managed by salad + pizza + wine + justified + trip to target. Today I tried to manage by exercise, focus, emailing my former boss with a "holy ish I might walk out of this job." I wish I had done my goddamn resume and budget. But maybe it's best I just eat some more shit.
  5. I can tell you the name "JohnnyRain" is annoying as all hell to me.
  6. Oh hell. No black females in your phone? I invoke the noose!
  7. At a stripclub, getting their rocks off.
  8. Brv, did you follow Werner Twertzog? Every once in a while he's fantastic!
  9. I'll do my best, Capt. Fritz! Keep the birthday line going, fresh to death.
  10. Ask for title, that should give an idea of what the spectrum is. Pay attention during these early interviews. They will probably tell you how critical their needs are, and where you can maximize your personal bullshit prowess to leverage dollars.
  11. Ron, yes get a dog. Have you considered the corgi rescue? They are ridiculous looking, and super goofy.
  12. Yes, there were s bunch of follow up questions. No I'm not married. No Im not from around here. No I don't want to be your special friend. How in the hell am I here on time (cross town) and my friend is going to make us miss the movie?
  13. I'm waiting for a friend, we're going to see tr jLo movie. (I'm Polish and Scottish, curly dark hair, pale skin, blue eyes.) An Indian guy (he's restaurant staff, wearing a restaurant shirt) approaches me and asks me if I'm Indian. I know northern Italian are blonde/blue eyed--but can I get a racial ruling? There's no way, right?
  14. Don't read, if you haven't warched. How is Winona so goddamn boring? Yes to Ava having more lingerie scenes. I'm trying so hard not to start guessing how the show will end.
  15. Napa, about wasting a doctor's time... I think I mentioned I've restarted therapy. The doctor is in my neighborhood, and only available time was perfect for my ****ed up hours, 8:00am on Satuday. She's in an office building and the parking structure isn't open that early, so I have to park at a meter on the street. My first week I'm parking, and the meters hours start after 9:00. I was all, "oh! But what if we run long?" This is funny in retrospect, because we're never going to run long. I have 50 minutes, and then I get kindly and efficiently shown the door. For my dentist, I make
  16. You got this. Quiet for most of the meeting, allow yourself two real points, the rest of what you say should be meaningless office cliches.
  17. I can't believe I'm going to work. I've made two stops--one for a superior doughnut and coffee, one for three chorizo and cheese tacos.
  18. I had an intuitive leap between quoting the post and replying. I knew I was misdirecting. Ron, I don't usually use the word "champs" written, and never say it. Sometimes I say "adorbs" but mostly to women. I am increasingly irritated with emoticons. I resent the stupid smiley face button on this keyboard--I fat finger and switch my letters to infantilized feelings at least once a day.
  19. Bring tamales. Some friends took me out for belated birthday/Michael BayDay celebration. Drinks: a marg with mescal, and a Diving Bell. I've seen Diving Bell on other menus around town and mescal and rose wine might be my summer 2015 drinks...later I had champagne-ish. Food: 5 of us shared guac, roasted cauliflower and kale nachos (really great!), beef tinga taco, and grilled octopus taco. This is where it gets awkward--my friends paid for me, three of them are really watching their budgets. I get it--but I'm not as drinky as I'd like, and I definitely didn't have enough food.
  20. I pulled a rookie move and drank on an empty stomach last night. Happy hour malbecs, but these people pour generously. I drove home after only a couple of hours. Not good.
  21. Post work cocktsils tonight, then donor drinks. I'm excited for Sunday--two friends wanted to take me out for a belated birthday dinner. Now, my newly married lesbians found out and are joining. After dinner and drinks,* we're all going back to the newlyweds for a screening of Pain and Gain. My evening's mantra: Celebrate my Michael BayDay. Monday--everyone's off, right? I'll probably go to the office for a couple of hours, but i just got this promotion. *food/booze nerds, I picked Petty Cash Tacqueria. I've had and loved the Diving Bell and the Paloma. Any suggestions I sh
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