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  1. I believe Essay mistyped "eating" outside. I'm a fan, eating and/or drinking. Speaking of workplace anxiety and eggs, I'm continuing with my Placenta Eater power struggle.
  2. I'm assuming there's a family rate.
  3. I'd like a follow up to God's voice. I saw an interview-maybe Marianne Faithful?-said God's voice sounds just like Aretha Franklin.
  4. LL looks pretty busted now. I wonder what Culkin charges?
  5. We've all watched and rewatched Party Down.
  6. I know it's time to get s new job, because I have mentally placed the stuff in my office back in my apartment, and I just bought a jigger on my break.
  7. What's the point of the warnings? I forget...
  8. I've got a little alcohol in me, and I'm officially on my four day weekend. Life is prettay prettay good.
  9. I have tipped and overtipped cabbies. The difference is the point of payment. I'm paying in a cab, uber feels prepaid.
  10. I have never tipped on uber. Onoes, and blech. PS took the new gay guy out for drinks. A mezcal something and honey + a gin and citrus and mint. I feel self conscious and drinky, so I left my car at work and am taking a bus home. Still not tipping on uber, but not using the service, and I bought the first round.
  11. 100% certain you did not understand his points without a Google search.
  12. As covered in other threads Cornholer, my proud black women are in real life, unlike your lily white existence. (tbh I almost included Lt. Uhura) Yes to me being female, except when I accuse myself of being Scram's alter.
  13. Veep is awesome and mean and filled with psychopaths. 10/10 would bang. RodReynolds, thank you for your validations. It is always nice to make an Internet friend. My list of seven, in no order was both an homage to my female earning power, and a nod to my snotty nature.
  14. Essay, don't bother with the demerits. This is women's business and doesn't concern you. In no order: 1. Veronica Mars 2. Mags Bennett 3. Jennifer Marlowe 4. Liz Lemon 5. Maude * 6. RuPaul 7. Scully *I've never seen it, but I think she had an abortion. Sklansky, some of your work?
  15. Tarzan: bringing it back to the Fritz cat photo.
  16. Ava could kill Boyd, just like his brother. Again, Wynn Duffy and his 8:39 guac.
  17. It's a 2004, the VIN is djUterus, I keep the keys in the hutch, and have a child's bedtime. I read the comments, I think I was not ripped off, but some of you think I could have done it myself cheaper.
  18. Car talk: I brought my car in for an oil change, get my headlights defogged, and get a belt tightened. How much will it cost? (Pls remember I'm female.)
  19. If they were trying to poison you, they would have laid Cesar Chavez style truth bombs in you, Boss. The food is not fancy or good. I go there because it's in walking distance of my place, and because I can eat there (waiter service). Bill for special and two beers was $19.61, I left $25.
  20. I had a slight post divorce identity crisis when I banged a guy who stuttered over the Rocky Horror title. I got past it (once or twice) but still...
  21. What kind of fat goth doesn't include Revolting Cocks or 1000 Homo DJs to that list? Essay, tell the truth. Who is writing your lists? Michael Bay or McG?
  22. Applebee's and Chili's are gross. Tilt is a delicate flower with his stomach issues. I am at my local Mexican restaurant, drinking beer from a frosted glass, chili rim, and eating beef with sautéed onions and mushrooms.
  23. Recognized him, his station. Made sympathetic clucky noises about his frustrations with traffic. Put him with his (not as super wealthy) peers. He was present at a work event about s month ago. I dressed in a euro trash theme--the event had mostly Italians and gay men. As I shook his hand, super donor gave me the once over. Mission accomplished.
  24. I forgot to add I had my first "in the wild" celebrity sighting in a while today. I was in silver lake, just down the street from the Elliot Smith mural, and I watch Ashton, Mila, and baby carriage parade by. No paparazzi, no one bothering them. I am more impressed by super donor, who has made seven and eight figure gifts.
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