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  1. I just cancelled my HBO Now. I got kicked out of it all the time. My Netflix streams fine.
  2. I disagree with the word "stupid."
  3. You just described my day-to-day.
  4. Two things, unrelated. I had a Corpse Reviver #2 last night. That's a good cocktail. My workplace midget has camel toe today.
  5. I don't think it's spam. There's a website and existing physical location in Croatia. It looks like an art project, and I hope it opens here.
  6. My life coach gave me her LA Phil tickets last night. Ravel, and a commission. The commission was in maybe six movements with Tom Finley singing and some multi media elements. Not good. Jean Yves Thibaudet played that piano piece that was composed for the one armed guy. It was good--I wonder if Jean Yves is who Liberace might have been. they closed with Bolero which was fantastic. It's one of those pieces everyone knows, and I've heard performed before. LA Phil has programming that isn't that exciting to me, but they might be best North American orchestra right now.
  7. I've been sick as a dog, home and stir crazy. I didn't have a voice for Friday and most of Saturday. Today I've managed to eat breakfast, shower, walk to farmer's market, and call my mom for Mother's Day. I got her a Ruth Bader Ginsburg mug, and a watch.
  8. I emailed in sick today. Activities include: grocery store, resume building, and gazing at my power strip.
  9. Yes, it's flexible and can curl into a circle.
  10. Yes but it doesn't work, amirite?
  11. Private Vagina! I still like it. Edit: dude, you were driving? I'm at a drive through now, but it's different.
  12. The lesbian David Bowie cover band. I think it was Clitter.
  13. I also went to bed late last night--I saw Sleater-Kinney at the Palladium. Fred Arminson was an opening act, and not funny to me. Napped today, now tacos for dinner before work. Wearing: black skirt, sparkly silver short sleeved sweater, electric blue heels, white jean jacket.
  14. Essay Left of Snow is in Game of Thrones.
  15. I like the cartoon and drawing. I can't reliably make white steamed rice without a dedicated rice cooker. Couscous no problem.
  16. I have a kind of new fwb who at one time worked at a phone repair place.. I just texted him to come to my apartment, service my phone, and then service me. He's so excited to do this, I should have demanded he bring a doughnut and coffee. Winner.
  17. I just drank a glass of wine on the roof of my work building, and had a view of the ocean. I'm a Winner.
  18. I was starting to talk myself into just replacing the screen. Maybe you're right--I wish I could reference a Winners manual.
  19. I smashed my 4s iPhone screen this morning. I have Apple TV, time machine, and a 2.5 year air. Do I replace this with a 6? Do any of you have some apple products mixed with nonapple?
  20. The Perfume Genius performance from Coachella. It's everything, and I think I've watched it 15 times today. (It's on vid.me, and I'm on my phone.) The only thing that would make it sexier to me would be Run the Jewels watching from the wings.
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