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  1. Ahahahahaa. That's the part you're kidding about? Why don't you buy a Subway franchise and move in the back room?
  2. I'm at Tacos Punta Cabras for lunch. I picked up some for co-workers un asked. Can you all see their taco of the day on Instagram? That plus a fish taco, a tofu taco, and a cauliflower tostada. Don't kid yourselves, I'm a goddamn hero.
  3. Why don't you crawl in and find out?
  4. I am a Winner. Two coworkers go to the flower mart and bring me flowers without me asking. This time I ramped up, and got a third coworker to do the arrangement. She's very talented and in her early 20s, and is flattered when people ask her to work for free.
  5. My coworker brought me flowers today.
  6. I'm watching the great British bake off via netflix. It's good, and baking is super tough.
  7. Jeans are Lucky or Rag n Bone. I own a few pairs of wool pants, wear a lot of dresses. I'm living la vida Essay. Traffic was terrible tonight so I stopped and got dinner at a Chinese restaurant that has A LOT of old white peoples, and Asians that don't seem to realize this food is slop.
  8. I can dissect myself and go micro, the changes I would make on everything. Hips, skin, hair, ankles, etc. It doesn't occur to me to change any part of my vulva. If I somehow became separated from it, and had to pick it out of a line up, I don't know if I could.
  9. Hi I need help blending with the cultural elite. I got invited to see Ta-Nehisi Coates. I'm not meeting him or making small talk, etc. I haven't read the book and won't have time. PS For dinner tonight, two lovely reds, a prosciutto salad (not typo), and a 5 cheese plate.
  10. He really is a Winner. skansky's got internet strangers looking for sex toys for him.
  11. That's a call for a reasoned take in a hot takes thread.
  12. Confidential to Napa: maybe you'd have more real life friends if you gave out more things with dicks drawn on them? Just a thought...
  13. I am excited for the Cubs. I'm watching start of game in a bar. If they advance I swear I'll figure out my tv problem.
  14. I went to beach on Saturday, too. My apartment is stuffy so I went around noon. It had been a while since I got in the ocean--cold and so far no parasites oozing out of my nostrils. My electronics are shitting the bed. I've got a 4s I want to replace, and my TiVo has just crapped out. I don't have cable, use a Leaf, and have an Apple TV. What if I don't replace it?
  15. I meant to add yesterday, I have a workplace cardigan. I've got a large office, and have a hanging rack tucked to one side. I keep it hung there along with a thick blanket. It's a thick wool blend from h&m, boxy cut, and is cut like a jacket.
  16. I gotta tell ya, I've had a hard time getting the hang of this thread and The Hottest of Takes.
  17. I'm a little intrigued by the c u in4yrs guy. His name is a mediocre cliffhanger.
  18. This feels like a "Lucy holding the football" situation. If I go over there and post your suggested edit, do you promise your full and vocal support?
  19. Doughnuts > churros Churros are completely different than snicker doodles.
  20. I like the thread freedom fighting, but the split infinitive is beneath your talents.
  21. Yes it's my stock in trade, Ron. I had a pretty good weekend--happy hour Friday (I'm on my phone and not super precise. My autocorrect just tried to fix the jumble of letters to "for Christ" instead "Friday.") Anyways.saturday morning errands Car wash Groceries Doughnut Then hike with friend and tacos for lunch. Then maybe a nap, followed by trip to mall to buy pants for party--then birthday costume party. The theme was "dress as your favorite LA cliche." I got confused and thought it was "dress as your favorite 90s LA cliche." Whatever, I went as generic westside LA en
  22. Ant Man Really enjoyable and funny, I'm happy I saw it. Paul Rudd was charming, and the whole thing was smart, clever, and performed at a higher than expected level. Fwiw, I haven't seen most of the marvel movies, and don't have deep knowledge of the various story lines.
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