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  1. Napa, that first paragraph is pure Winning.
  2. She was going to bang you in a public park. Do you really have dirt floors? It's 4:00am and I'm wide awake.
  3. I will take this opportunity to drink some Hoegaarden and talk some shit. Gentlemen, Today was the end of my fiscal, and right now we're at 97.2% to goal. In all seriousness, I might be able to inch closer to the magic number depending on the postmarked checks. I cannot support anyone else, but I can take care of myself--and I have style for days.
  4. Yes that's referred to as the Tim Russert Retirement Plan. My logical flaw in following that plan is he loved his job...
  5. I saw The Notebook last night--it was okay. I think I waited too long, it's not the most original movie on earth, and with its popularity, I recognized a lot of the art direction and shots. Gosling and McAdams had good chemistry--I felt like there was 20 good minutes.
  6. Hi Great photo. When are you in town next? Let's grab a drink.
  7. How about a mini fridge in your room? Or next to cost co fridge? I have a friend with a 2bd apartment, big kitchen. She's got two full sized fridges--she uses one, the roommate the other. (They didn't know each other before moving in--this is a Craigslist match. Other roommate is a serious bodybuilder/fitness buff and has very very particular food.) As I understand it, the electric bill is not too crazy.
  8. That's not me. My eyes are much flatter and deader.
  9. I think I'm going to watch The Notebook this weekend. I've never seen it.
  10. Napa, thanks for the compliment. I saw the shirt a couple of weeks ago, I stared and stared because I kept reading it "LA donuts love you" I had a drink with my artist's personal assistant last night, and a birthday drinks thing tonight in Silver Lake.
  11. Tilt, Point Dume or Zuma--if you want to stay closer to Santa Monica, then I recommend Venice. Align yourself with Venice Alehouse (maybe it's Venice Brewery?) and head out. It's something about where the breaks are, the water quality is pretty decent there.
  12. I've been watching as much soccer as convienent. At work, on Univision (I love), at work lunches, and whatever's on network on the weekends. Tilt, what beach? I'm in Glendale today for a 10 year olds birthday party, and then a screening of Back to the Future at the Ace Hotel tonight. I'm wavering on if tonight is a date or not. Yes date--he asked me, and it's his birthday weekend. No date--he asked on Wednesday, and on previous outings has not made a move.
  13. How many times has Macklemore told people only 24 hours separate him from McCartney?
  14. This morning's commuting traffic was like Yom Kippur + banking holiday. Now that Mexico has held on, I want to rearrange my life to take advantage of their schedule.
  15. Truth. I own an iPhone, an Apple TV, an air, and a time machine. When Sklansky and I lock eyes over his flip hole, I know I'm looking at a compatible organ donor.
  16. You sound a little keyed up and frustrated. Do you have the itch for a fritter? The sweet sweet taste for a fritter?
  17. Nice try, I'm not going to watch season 1. After these 9 episodes, I'm going to watch Veep.
  18. The photo requested did not say headshot. They did request a photo of me, from waist or shoulders, against a white background. No, I'm not paying. I have a friend who is trying to be a photographer. She's my hottest friend, and it seems to me LA is filled with really good looking women who want to be photographers.
  19. Weekend plans? I have a four year olds birthday party Saturday morning. I've been advised by a mother friend to give a switch and go Dino car. I'm open to other suggestions. The 4 year old has a 3 year old brother, so whatever I give will be destroyed and/or used as a weapon. In the afternoon I'm getting my headshot taken. The art installation is moving forward, and they've requested a photo and bio. Sunday, chores, including résumé to me get that next gig.
  20. I want my next job to pay $70-80k. I decided this last night at an excellent dinner with a good friend. I think more than $80k (in nonprofit at least) starts to bring diminishing returns, when viewed in the salary to workplace misery to personal life/self loathing equations.
  21. My friend Frankie is a life long Angeleno, and used to be a delightful, fun filled drunk.hes also a very good blues guitarist, and has played all over town. Anyway, one day Frankie is on one side of town, and need to get across town by a certain time. No problem. He's from LA, he knows to leave, and drives down Hollywood Boulevard in plenty of time.' He gets stuck in horrible, mind bending traffic. The kind of traffic that makes no sense for the time of day. The longer you sit in this kind of traffic, the more you want to see a body bag at the other side. You literally want to be rewa
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