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  1. I have not gotten the beer yet. I am working my stupid hours again, and Wally's closes at 7:30. Maybe tonight? Ron, to keep this on topic--marry into the 1% and live in a community property state. If you can stick it out for 10 years, you can receive alimony for life. Shake: the speaker was thick.
  2. Nothing fills me with rage more than work retreats. Sitting with these people, telling grown ass adults all ideas are good ideas... Two weeks ago, two days of department retreat. Last week, a solid five hours of all staff retreat and brainstorming. Today, another five hours of retreat and brainstorming. H A T E. After we were done today, we were eating cold pizza* and a coordinator told a group of us she's "allergic to raw vegetables." *why cold pizza? Because the group sessions ran long, so my coworkers and subordinates could wax eloquently all they could accomplish if mone
  3. Are you really watching Breaking Bad for the first time? The final episode has a flash forward, with Walt walking Holly down the wedding aisle. The camera zooms in and she whispers, "I love you, Pop-Pop."
  4. SA, Please fill in moar details regarding outfits worn with you and lady. Were you sporting new watch?
  5. I have a slightly fabulous lesbian aura.
  6. Day two of work retreat. Black and white leopard print top, ttttiiiggghhtttt jeans, lapis ring, Art Deco ring, purple sparkly bracelet. As part of the bonding, a donor has arranged for us to tour David Hockney's gallery.
  7. Ron, I started watching Mixology. I'm nine episodes in--it's oookkaaayyyy.
  8. There's better out there. Have you tried it on? I wish I had tried my red one on in a store. It's a little too big for me, and I probably wouldn't have bought it.
  9. Hey Jackhole, Why are you trying to deflect my watch question?
  10. See , I think SAs rigid definition of art is similar to your lectures on his social life.
  11. Pulp Fiction I think this is the first time I've seen it in 10 years. It remains my favorite QT film. Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson owned this movie. The Mr. Wolf sequence is what I watch for every time, and somehow Tarantino didn't ruin his own film with his self conscious screen presence.
  12. Could you do it from home or car? Car only world if you don't need to think too hard...
  13. Napa, Mistakes happen all the time. That's why you and I dress so well, to set us apart from the others. My weekend: I'm going to a grocery store. This is notable because my fridge has been too warm, and my maintainance guy finally got it cool late last night.ive been spending all my damn money on car batteries and not exciting lunches. I'm going to see a friend Saturday morning, then maybe a museum at night. If d also like to see Snowpiercer.
  14. Hi Essay! How was new watch day? Mine was good, there's some detailing on the watch I wasn't expecting. I walked around asking co-workers what time it was, and then interrupting them by saying, "It's awesome watch o'clock."
  15. IE, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope you can see him soon.
  16. Women in power talking dirty is my porn.
  17. My internet is still down. The struggs is real. I rented Veep in honor of holiday.
  18. Celebrity sightings in the last month Diane Keaton, Curtis Stone, and James L. Brooks, with a possible Patton Oswalt Not related, I'm going to Curtis Stone's new restaurant in August--it has a different menu each month built around a single ingredient. August is corn. I'm going with my house selling friend, I wonder if she'll treat? When the last of my relatives pass, I'll get between 5 to six figures total in money, art, and jewelry after all is said and done. These are the relatives who lost a third of their worth in 2008. They have enough to live nicely, but it bothers both of
  19. My home internet has been down since Monday. I've been reduced to watching old DVDs (currently: Nick and Norah...) I lost my mailbox bingo, and will finish this fiscal short of goal. I am finishing with a 25%+ in revenue compared to FY 13. The résumé is just writing itself.
  20. When a woman pisses you off and puts you in a bad mood: cuntagious.
  21. I just got handed a personal check for $67--some kind of health premium. I wanted to blurt ou, "I'm rich! Rich like Nazis!"
  22. EMA at the Troubadour, wishing I had eaten dinner.
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