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  1. The party will be at the groom's parents place. I'm assuming it'll be catered. (Please god, cater waiters with trays of drinks...) I think of engagement parties as old school networking events. I'm sorry I don't have a bunch of IBM execs to take.
  2. I saw her earlier this year with Jen Kirkman. Joan had played San Francisco, and then flew down to LA for the gig--I think she booked some tv spots down here as well. She went on first, Miss Lady did not have time to wait for anyone's set--she had things to do. She pranced around the stage at age 81 in stillettos. She was maybe 90 seconds into her act when she started with the Auschwitz jokes. That was a tough, professional woman.
  3. I have a engagement party and a birthday party on Saturday. The birthday will be in a bar, and I'll bring a card. Thoughts on engagement party etiquette? The wedding date has not been picked, and probably won't be for years. (Groom is getting his MBA, bride is deeply ambivalent about the institution of marriage.)
  4. She has tiny hands, don't know about vagina. She's had at least one sex partner who is 6'. I don't know any other measurements for him.
  5. Midget time: There was a a/c pipe situation in her shared workspace yesterday. Some of her coworkers heard running water right before the pipe gave up the ghost. She said she didn't hear the noise, but maybe the other people did because they are so tall and she is so short, so the sound did not reach her.
  6. I just read the thread. I'm a long time fan of Monster, think Metallica has it's limited place in my life. How did this thread go by without mention of the selling off of Basquiats, or Lars' elfin father. If you ever get a chance to watch the deleted scenes, the birthday scene is something so beautiful and selfish I'm surprised it could be captured on film. Bands hated: the Doors, RHCP, Sublime
  7. Napa, be a Winner. Get an Apple to go with your Fliphole.
  8. I'm going to the Hollywood Bowl tonight. It's John Williams, with an appearance by Seth MacFarlane. (I think Seth's plastic surgery has him looking Carrot-Top esque.) Edit: I had garlic tater tots for dinner. I blame Essay.
  9. Drinks tonight Frisco sour and Mad Hatter Both were served in small cocktail glasses. I forget how strong they are, though.
  10. Note to FYP-- Please modify Ron's post to "...before she goes all pear shaped."
  11. I think the female character should be wearing a backlit light colored baby doll nightgown in the first sequence. The church sequence, she should be showing a little cleavage in church, because she's a whoring whore who whores. (Unless you address this in ACT 2?)
  12. There is no God/there is a God The workplace midget will not be reporting to me. I went to Huckleberry to buy myself a cookie. Wedged into one of the small tables by the sweets case was Larry David, rubbing his nose in an obviously modified nose pick. (I was overwhelmed with potential giggles and left without purchase.)
  13. Napa, follow up on the lawn dart in leg friend? What kind of larvae did she get in her open wound tubing on the river?
  14. The toast is critical, then the whole sardine, with the perfect avocado on top. Maybe some arugula, too? I'll have some more and let you know. Where are you staying? My (Chicago) lesbian just texted me confirming my address. Adler Planetarium here I come!
  15. My beer last night was so sour it made my mouth sweat. It was especially good with my grilled cheese sandwich. Here's a photo of last week's meal. I'm still thinking about the advocado with sardines.
  16. Gin gin gin. I love it. I have been drinking Hendricks for years, with the occasional Citadelle. For those evenings when you'd like your significant others to get drunk, I recommend the Southside. It's gin, simple syrup, lime, soda water, and mint. It' has similar flavor profile to mojito, but less assy because rum is terrible. I've been steering myself to drinks with mescal, and/or drinks with a little jalapeño. In the heat the spiciness is delicious.
  17. If you're offering finder's fee, I can introduce you to an Iranian lesbian.
  18. Wonderful! Who's smarter? Shake or girlfriend? And who's got the higher earning potential?
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