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  1. If that's what it takes to plug your wife the right way...
  2. There is a special place in heaven for the unexpected $15K donor.
  3. IE, we're now friends. I'm going to call that an elegant callback. I worked a donor event on Saturday. The woman I was most uptight about seeing was really lovely to me. She had her face full of Botox, her Chanel sweater, etc. Everything went well, her husband is 90, and she's lonely. She gave me the highest rich Beverly Hill compliment: Frau! You look so thin, you are a pencil. Please lady, I will be your date to all the donor parties you like. Just renew your contribution by end of year. She's right though. I've lost 5 lb.
  4. I am continuing to twist in wind. I have settled on not title I want or deserve, but is still a bump up. Org will want me to do job, and then in 6-12 months probs bring in major fundraiser above me. The raise amount is still not settled, I was told today whatever the agreed amount is, you'll get half now and negotiate second half at end of fiscal. (Which is right around when potential new employee starts.) I told them I would agree to lower salary, but only after potential new employee starts. In other words, pay me the money while I'm doing job--and consider it a gap bump. Th
  5. Please be careful not to throw it out with the bathwater.
  6. How did you guys find an uglier forum?
  7. Don't be coy, Scram. Consult your "List of Jews by State" and get back to us. Real life, I was at LACMA, the big art museum today. A volunteer with an iPad asked if I would fill out a survey when I left one of the galleries. Along with the expected questions--would I recommend, how did I hear about it, etc., the survey asked my Age Salary Ethnicity Sexual orientation (straight, bi, gay, decline to answer) I was really surprised to get that in a patron survey.
  8. Brv, Lenny Bruce died for you, c mon.
  9. Ron, you're married, I care about your sex life, and you know your meat. Yes pastrami.
  10. #thursdayisfridaypartone
  11. Glad you appreciate my jokes--I'll play out the rest of this thread wearing a black armband.
  12. The title I want is still in play--they are also interviewing consultants, and in all the conversations and flopsweat, they've told me one of the possibilities is I do the work I get the title "blizzard maker" I probably don't get the money I want Org brings in "senior blizzard maker" within six months, and I have new report From my pov, I'm expected to do all the work, not all of the pay, with the promise of having my balls cut off in six months. RM, I think the title will help with next gig.
  13. What does that mean?! And please feel obligated to read my thoughtful posts and comment accordingly.
  14. My negotiations are continuing, and feels super drawn out. I thought I wasn't going to get what I asked for, but it might be closer than I thought? They're saying they want me to do it, but not with the title I want, and probs not the money. I've had two bad meetings in a row with the Big Boss. I've had a ton of good ones, but I haven't worked on a recent project with him. He knows my worth, but hasn't crossed paths with me. I hate counting on nostalgia. Anyway, my Immediate Supervisor won't be back after Thanksgiving, and the way the senior staff is "working from home" near holiday we
  15. I'm just ordered the El Guapo, which is vida mescal, reposado tequila, jalapeƱo, honey, pineapple and Orange juice, tajin seasoning, ginger syrup, cilantro
  16. It is RuPaul's birthday. Looks like you ****ed it up.
  17. Fritz, how long has this thread been going? Are you in a second trip around--and will you start to winnow out the douchebags who spell their names in all caps?
  18. Stage manager to be Vulgar the (short fingered) Vulgarian Greatest hits called "What's in the Box?"
  19. I have a boss meeting today, and have come up with a New career plan- I form female rock group called The Cliterati. It's a little punk and influenced by secret societies and aliens. Albums include The Handout Restricted Area Private Vagina
  20. I'm hanging out with roller coaster friend today. We had a plan to get to carpool, and get to park between 11-12:00. I told him I would get to his area and eat breakfast. (I eat more than he does, so it was a join-or-don't type of invite). He joins me for breakfast, eats a little of MY burrito, and on the way back to the car tells me he still needs to shower? dude. It's now 11:30, and in still on your couch in LA. Stop effing around and get your head in the game.
  21. No, jackass, not the consensual agreement between two of-age adults. I meant the whole the woman doesn't need pleasure thing. I don't think you meant it, except, who am I kidding? You meant it.
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