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  1. Some new things to report, photos from my near Brvy trip. I saw Marg Helgenburger in yoga pants and checked her out for the thread. (Too thin.)
  2. I got it at Lodge Bread, picking up my pizza. Lodge is twee, the men there working are bearded and inked and I think I'm supposed to believe they're passionate. The women are artsy, and move so slowly I wonder if they all are survivors of juvenile arthritis. The ice cream sandwich was double chocolate cookies, fresh strawberry ice cream. It was good--but the next thing I get from there will be the peanut butter cookie with dark chocolate.
  3. Greece does not qualify as exotic. You have to go. You will go to that wedding, so in the advice of Bobby Knight, just lay back and enjoy it. Things still under your control: your family is well off, right? Work into casual conversation with one-on-one with mom your cost concerns. Maybe you can get a parental subsidy. The girlfriend is going to want to go. Greek tans make women look hot af. I just had my San Francisco weekend. The gay BFF is still wonderful and dirty and perfect. i bought us tickets for the 8/6 game; Arrieta pitched Cubs to a 4-0 shutout. Last month I
  4. that's why Sklansky is aroused by you.
  5. Ohhhh shit. It does. Edit: June in Midwest though. Fall is better. Anyway let me check my calendar and get back to you.
  6. There have been a bunch of office moves. Your Frau now has largest office in org; I do not have nicest view, though.
  7. Chicago is awesome. go, tell boss and co workers "yeah a buddy moved there a couple of months ago..." And build in excuses to cut out of some of the boring shit. Share a hotel room, really?
  8. It's a Museum, and the exhibit is sensory deprivation, single person only. It's going to eliminate my visual perspective, and I bet I'll feel like I'm flying, or that things are flying into me. I attended a group experience a little similar two months ago, with these kinds of warnings. I was shocked at how many adults had panic attacks and anxiety, and had to leave early. If you want arrogant and no talent pompous, I think something like Gregory Siff would fit the bill.
  9. Napa, you are in the American work place. Your job does not care. The senior employees get large bonuses for just being alive and showing up to work. You're a treasure. Consider the .07% error part of the raise they owe you for being so awesome.
  10. I'm pitching to you and BigD, with a side of Brv telling me "I'm reading things into it..."
  11. It's some of the best elitism and racism I've seen in a long time + actresses being super actressy.
  12. Jungle Book It was good; the previews ahead of the movie were mind searingly bad.
  13. It's all about the lighting. Sit with the sun behind you, so you look noir while drinking something that's not as good as what you have at home.
  14. Brvhrt--and maybe BigD?--I was talking to a guy at a work function who is a Rhodes scholar and much more successful than I'll ever be. We had both seen the same museum exhibit and I gave the right references with Buckminster Fuller and the early Raushenberg. It's all for the next gig, right?
  15. I'm killing time in a bar before doors open for a comedy show. The bartender has a preferred kombucha, and stone cold panicked when a server brought an order for something called "Tom Collins." Sklansky, don't fall into the Soul Cycle myth. Cycle House is where the Kardashian took James Hardin, Madonna tunes up, and Nicole Kidman too.
  16. I went to the BEACH yesterday--in the 70s with 20mph winds. https://imgur.com/a/0CjUU Also went to a drag show.
  17. I remember the date because that's the day I got towed. It was a public screening--tickets were general purchase, and LA has tons of these types of screenings, with creative types involved. I think the Q&As are supposed to appeal to academy voters. The q&a had Kaufmann, and two producers. The audience questions were almost all a oh how the film got made. No one asked in depth of CK story or plot. The project started off as a glorified radio play performed at UCLA. I don't know how they would have done the sex scenes on the stage. Has anyone else seen it?
  18. That's not quite it. Jimmy Goldstein has been busy living AND he's still going to die.
  19. I just had my first Ron Jeremy sighting, picking up a donors six figure check. He was wearing crocs.
  20. Fritz does not forget about Dre.
  21. Do you like the shoes, are they acceptable shoes to take and send to a poster?
  22. Wtf is going on? Napa can post lists?
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