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  1. as of today ------------------------------------actual------projEvgeni Malkin O/U 74---------50-----79Johnny Gaudreau O/U 84---38-----64Kaapo Kakko O/U 56----------16-----33Connor McDavid O/U 101---76----124Brendan Ghallagher O/U 56-32----64Phil Kessel O/U 58---------------31----45Mitch Marner O/U 88-----------47----76 bob------ 0 daniel---- (120) serge ---- 20 jp--------- 60 john------- 80 dave------ 20 dale------ (60) (edited)
  2. I got 2 out of 4 of the returning players , going to be tough. Just happy i dont have Aubry (really dont like her)
  3. im going yo be the highest scoring team in the division and get relegated
  4. He posted it somewhere before but i cant find it.
  5. at this moment without a doubt the thieves win the trade by a mile
  6. dont hate the system , hate your goalies at least your goalies arnt in last being ahead of dan and john
  7. not sure if points are tie breakers but i think i had 6.5
  8. only guy i can see them grabbing is someone like green
  9. So basically top 3 teams get a bye
  10. Unless I am misunderstanding dales post
  11. Only thing I don’t agree with on that post of dales is him mentioning farm doesn’t need to be at 20 until after draft. It should remain no more then 20 before draft. Like the way the rule is now. Drop players should be available to bid on if they can be.
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