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  1. I knew a little moping would get someone to comment. J/k. Total props to the person who got my Sneakers reference.
  2. It's cool, nobody ever really reponse to my general thoughts in person either.Negreanu rules!
  3. Is it just me or is it a bit irritating hearing Daniel talk about a new project but not being able to tell us who's involved? It's not his fault because he's probably obligated to not say anything. But ever wonder why? I thought the point is to create a buzz. I'm all about suprise endings in movies and not knowing what to expect but this is a bit silly. Do the advertising execs lose money because Daniel dropped the ball saying John Stamos and Skeet Ulrich are gonna be on a show he's doing? Are they gonna drop from the ceiling and onto the poker table and be like "SUPRISE! We're here! Hey Danie
  4. She did look hot. And Annie Duke talked really well about Daniel while commentating throughout the whole thing.
  5. I think Daniel should get a lil tipsy for his next event. I know it sounds like a bad idea but sometimes I think you gotta change it up a little. Focus is key, but maybe letting loose would help a bit.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about Princess, Daniel. Those pet stores are atrocious, and they're liars. Frankly, I don't know how they live with themselves. I guess that is what happens when you mix retail and animals. You get people who just don't care. I work at the Sun City Animal Hospital here in Vegas and I see my fair share of dogs come in with pnuemonia. A lot of them recover from it so keep your hopes up. We sometimes board the dogs at the hospital till they get better. It's expensive and a less comfy envoirnement but they get their medicine and are with people who actually care. It's good to se
  7. Argh! I find myself doing that a lot and become totally unaware of what my opponents are doing. I don't know why I do that. Playing the cards is the simplest part of the game to me too, so it's a complete waste of the brain when I concentrate solely on that. Anyways, I'm glad you found the wrinkle in your game, Daniel. Sometimes it's so simple that you don't even realize it. Good luck.
  8. In the bigger picture I noticed Mushu's blue leash. I have the exact same leash for my dog Fletch (Pug/Shihtsu). Not that anyone cares. I thought it was cool. Ok, back to watching Stripes.
  9. p.s. If someone complains about "big black friend" in a PC manner in this thread I will seriously give you an online beatdown.That was the best part about your post. And it's true no matter what anybody says, the consensus is that people are afraid of big black guys.
  10. You predicted Wade would get hurt to which would lead to the Miami Heat's downfall? Would it be safe to assume that if he wasn't hurt that they would have taken one of those final two games he wasn't 100 percent or no percent at all for? Shaq needing Kobe is a funny thing to say considering what the Lakers did this year. I think you got that mixed up. Here you basically consider Wade, Kobe's equal(In my opinion he is just as good as Kobe, except Wade is far more mature). So I don't understand your point. It sounds like you're Lakers fan looking for any reason to bust Shaq up. You'd take Shaq b
  11. I've had a lot of oppurtunities to meet Daniel and ask him for his autograph etc...but I can't bring myself to do that. I don't know how anyone does really. Maybe it's just me or it's because I'm shy and not very social. I'd feel silly asking him to sign my hat or something. I suppose if I could ask him for his autograph and a picture (only i hate taking pictures cos I'm not photogenic at all) I would. But I think a compliment that's just as big is to watch him play. I think he appreciates that gesture just as much. As long as you don't yell out "all-in" every other burn n turn. I know I'm get
  12. Err, another thing that bugs me are the people who don't realize that you play using the five best cards in your hand and on the board. Even if you have a better kicker in your hand, if the board has a better one, it's split. It's sad to say this stupidity happens A LOT.
  13. are you kidding?This happened to me the other day at the Wynn. It just so happened that the guy was sitting to the right of me. He left when the button came and then an hour later shows back up. Plays a few hands, then takes off again. I see it happening all the time, actually. Someone even asked the floor manager if the guy was coming back. The guy had only about 20 bucks in chips at the table. Floor manager shrugged his shoulders and wandered off to more important tables. They do give him a "miss big blind" marker but it's still annoying especially when I'm the next person in the blind.
  14. I was there last night too. I was playing in the 4-8 game against the wall almost squished in. lol. So I got to see Daniel play a few hands as I wondered around between my hands. I saw that there were a lot of spectators on the railing of the second tier where he was playing but I don't know if they were invited or what. It seemed like it's the place to be though. Everyone was there...It was cool looking up and going "oh there's Marcel Luske".
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