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  1. Lots of people write more than one book. Daniel is not so much writing "Power Hold'em Strategy" but is compiling it from input of other top players much like what Doyle Brunson did with Super System only this is focusing on variations of Holdem alone. I am sure Daniel is contributing to it, but he is not writing all 670+ pages.From the Publisher:"Daniel Negreanu's Power Hold'em Strategy" does for hold'em what Doyle Brunson's Super System 2 did for poker. Negreanu gathers together the greatest young players, theorists, and world champions of hold'em, to present insider professional secrets a
  2. When I first placed my reserve order for "Power Hold'em Strategy" it had a projected release date of Feb 6, 2007. This was the case as late as mid-January. When I went to check on it just after the first of February it had been pushed back to January 10, 2008. Whats up with that. If it was scheduled for a Feb '07 release by late Jan it should have been on its way to the printers. Pushing it a couple weeks is understandable, but 11+ months? Why even publicize a book not due out for another year? CenturionFive
  3. I just read on the Poker Prof's Blog that as of this week Daniel was no longer officially associated with the Wynn Poker room. Is this true? The Poker Prof claims that he heard it from a 100% reliable source.Nothing last forever I suppose and I could see where being tied to one casino in Vegas could be limitting.Cen5
  4. It would almost have to be an invitational tournament open only to players who have achieved certain goals during the previous year. Possibly only those who have made the final table at certain recognized tournaments. If online players are allowed to qualify at all make it only a certain number from each card room.Cen5
  5. Using the math I was taught as a boy, 1% of 7.5 million is $75,000. Cen5
  6. I thought that the Adio coverage was awsome. i only caught about half of it. I hope it will be made available for purchase and/or download. I want to hear it all.Cen5
  7. As a chater member of "People Eating Tasty Animals" AKA PETA I thought his VEGAN rant was a bit over the top. Growing up in the farm belt I knew lots of farmers who raised animals that did not torture them or treat them cruelly. Cruel treatment of animals makes me want to protest to get the treatment stopped not abandon animals as a source of food. Vegtables are mistreated also but they lack the voice, sympathetic eyes and advocasy groups to speak out for them. Think of all the califleur and brocli that is chopped down in the prime of its life . Who cries out for them. For the peas rippe
  8. That would be GREAT. I would like to start a virtual/online card club with some friends of mine and not all of them want to deposit money online to play. I thought that if I could get them playing some free tournaments with the group that they might be more open to pay tournaments.Paul
  9. Even Free Private Tourney's? In the long run I think it would bring in new customers without costing the site very much.Thanks,Paul LaBrier
  10. I was wondering if any of the online casinos offered the ability to set up free tournaments that are private? I realize this is asking a lot, but I thought that one of the newer ones might to draw new members. I am wanting to start a virtual card club so that some friends and I that are spread across the country can play on a regualr basis. I know that there are a couple folks that would not want to deposit money to play.If that is not possible is there any software for hosting online tournaments? I know D&D Poker Tournament Software will off this in their next version but that is a wa
  11. I am new to poker, at least looking at it seriously anyway. I have played since Jr. High but more using gut insticnt that any theory or strategy.I would like to start down the road to take my game to next level but need a little advice about how to go about it. I have looked into a couple books but have not found what it seems I need. The problem is I would like to play both limit ring games (mostly online) and NL Tourneys and SNG's (both online and in person). Where should I start. Books I have looked at for Limit recommend you avoid NL because it is only for "Advanced" players, but the
  12. CenturionFive


    I just stumbled onto this forum because this thread came up in a google search. I am a Christian also. Not a Baptist or a Lutheran or a Catholic but a follower of Christ. I find that leaves me at odds with many of the so called organized religions as it does the the world in general. Does it make my life boring? I don't think so. I also have not found it to have taken all my problems away but rather to give me a new perspective on them and a different approach to handling them. The folks teaching that if you become a "Christian" that your problems are all solved and everything goes your
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