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  1. exactly.OP or anyone w/ UB & if you have a stars LMK id like to transfer some funds from UB to Stars.
  2. I think Ill take a break from grindin @ 1/2 NL and join you guys
  3. Honestly the only hands that I have trouble w/ in a NL cash game ONLINE are A2o-A9o.For example I just played a hand on stars 5/10c, pretty moderate game, not too tight or loose.I was MP w/ A-5o called the blind and SB raises to .40. Folded around to me.Can i honestly call here??? Any ace in his range has me beat, plus im a dog to any pair and any marginal hand like K-Q or K-JMaybe it is an obvious fold, but it just really sucks to throw away that ace
  4. wow, thats the definition of Donkey. Calling the pf raise w/ j-8o and raising you on the flop? Search for this guy every time you're online and trap,trap,trap.
  5. I agree, river is a check and I'm willing to bet that button checks behind you. I cant judge this as well as you obviously but my gut says that button is on a big diamond draw and UTG is holding A-J and got a piece of the flop.
  6. Exactly. You dont remember the times you sucked out but the suckouts against you hit so hard.When i started playing @17 i would absolutely freak over a suckout, cursing, yelling, etc but you just gotta realize that you played right and got your money in good and you were just hit in the face by the shtty side of variance. Make the same play 100 times and statistically you'll profit.
  7. Personally i put a lot more stock into AK in a tourney and will play it more aggressively in any tournament setting. (obvious?)In a cash game, I'm raising/calling in any position pre-flop, w/ A-Ko i have to get rid of limpers because if i get outdrawn by a weak hand it kills me.I find my self raising pre, whiffing, then cont. betting about 75% of the time in cash games, and it's profitable the majority of the time. The rest of the time i'll just fold it post flop, i never really get married to A-Ko because its not as strong as it seems (basically a coinflip w/ 2-2)
  8. Think i might have checked the flop as well, right or wrong, and depending on what kinda player SB was.I prob woulda made a big bet on the turn to price out any draws, basically what's already been said.
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