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  1. i'm assuming that the choice comes up when you've entered a satellite and won, in which case, i entered the satellite wanting the seat, i achieved the goal, so i'm taking the seat. if i wanted to win 10k cash, i'd play in a tournament where i'd win 10k cash.this is different than someone just walking up to you and offering you the choice between a WSOP main event seat or 10k on the spot. in that situation, i just take the cash and go play some satellites, and then take the seat.
  2. i was in the top 5 for quite a while then took a bad beat and two tough ones after that to get booted.final hand was QQ vs 10 10; he flopped a set, i had an open ended straight flush draw with the QQ overpair; i hit the flush but the board paired and i was out and my opponent won a pretty sizeable pot (about...12kish, blinds were 200/400 at the time).
  3. the standard for a good NL holdem player is to win 10 big BLINDS per 100 hands right? (and the good limit holdem like 3 or so big BETS per 100 i think yes?).what poker tracker tracks is big BETS per 100 (in the BB/100 column) i think. for NL games i think it's tracking BB/100 as BB = 2xbig-blind (as a big bet in NL holdem means something completely different than a big bet in fixed limit holdem!). is this correct? someone verify!btw, gl everyone in the forum challenge over at games grid this saturday. barring injury, i should be there =)
  4. dropped a couple hundred and lefti took a nice one off him (195 pot)
  5. kdawg, his question was specific and it wasn't asking the nl vs limit that has come up several times here...as far as win rate goes, if the blinds are the same the win rate is a whole lot higher in NL - and the variance is a lot higher as well (thus you need about 4x the bankroll to play the same blind-size in nl as limit).imo, people who aren't sure yet should stick to limit and try to get some nl experience from sng's or something. nl cash games and nl tourney style are different, but you can still pick up on some of the differences between nl and limit by doing that.if you're wanting to co
  6. and in other cases refers to big boobs
  7. well, he found himself all in preflop with AQo vs someone's KK and busted.he left the room, hopefully he'll be back
  8. let's go peoplesome folks left, was 1 on 1 for a lil bit; now 3-handed
  9. over at the grid, 1/2nl roomi'm Erudis there (as everywhere)
  10. i put my money on Hansen. that's not a knock on Harrington...i think hansen vs DN heads-up is much more fun though
  11. after a small local tournament 6 guys (including me) sat down to play a little 1/2nl. I'm probably the best player at the table by quite a margin and the other 5 at the table know that and usually play scared against me. it's a pretty loose game as far as preflop is concerned and you can almost always limp with any semblance of a hand (because of the implied odds poor players give you) when it's unraised. so here's the hand:I'm on the button with Js9d, every limps to me, I call, SB completes, BB checks. All 6 of us see the flop, there's $12 in the pot (no rake).flop comes 7 8 9 rainbow (th
  12. Just got the VFP email and Games Grid is paying Double VFP (so 3x big blind per hour per table) this week for all limit games 1/2 and higher, and for all No Limit games .5/1 and higher.so if you've got a bonus to clear there, this would be a good week to get some of that done as there should be a lot of tables going.
  13. whenever i'm dealt aces i get the runs and wish i could just fold em preflop and move on to the next hand
  14. Erudis

    star wars

    i'm a big star wars fan anyway, but, i cannot get over how much i absolutely LOVE this movie... goddamn it's really really good.
  15. the sexiest flop of all is QQQ (sometimes QKQ where I am the K)
  16. don't recall having any problems...whenever i have download problems i always double check my security settings and that has always taken care of it
  17. i wonder if this is the sort of thing Gus is thinking about when he plays limit... he's an action generator, and it appears from the OP that in the big-action pots, the person who benefits the most is the one always drawingjust a thought, i'm no limit master that's for sure. just trying to think about what this means for my own game
  18. you should just do what i do in limit: cap every street, let the poker gods sort it out
  19. that's a limit chart - does not translate well at all to no-limit.
  20. anyone read his book? (is it out yet?) would like to know the idea behind 10 4 off...
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