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  1. People switching accounts make me want to puke. The only thing good about that frog would be shoving a poker up it's ass and roasting it, then serving it with a nice white wine. Can you waterboard a frog?
  2. Oh shut up you little hussy and go blow your way onto another sitcom.
  3. Hey you little rat bastard quit trying to rain on the Christmas parade you jealouslittle twerp. Back off or I'll serve you up with a Madiera sauce at the Cheerio Christmas brunch.
  4. Oh, I thought this was the Who did Tiger in a Perkins bathroom thread.
  5. This isn't true love, it's about his hot wife finding out he's been out snorting coke off some hooker's ass. Hey, he could fix his marraige and golf game in the same stroke, by straightening out his putz.
  6. Sue Sylvester


    That's how Sue C's it.
  7. Well, that's about as clear as my butcheeks pressed against the deep tinted windows of a tricked out hoopty Impala with 22's. But if you're saying they should tar and feather those two and leave them in the desert then I agree.At least that's how Sue C's it!
  8. That's how Sue C's it! For the love of Christ you little vegan wannabe. You'll shut you're little cat loving piehole and just wish you you could be a cheerio. I mean England wouldn'tmake a decent state. And well, that's how Sue C's it!
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