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  1. Thanks for the input.Here are the results and my thinking at the time. One thing to add... this is part of a series of tournaments where we play one a month and get points based on finish, with 10% of the total pots each month being pulled out for a SNG of the top 8 overall players for the course of the year. I had just missed 2 tourneys for scheduling conflicts, but was sitting just two points out of 8th place, and we get 2 points to make the final table of the tourney, which is final 8. So this also played into my thinking.When the BB came all-in on me, I really put him on something like KJ
  2. THe set up -Home tourney - We start with about 15K in chips, start with small blinds that go up every 20 minutes. I would say I am one of the top 3-4 players in this group, though my tourney experience is admittedly limited.We are at the 100/200 blind level when this hand comes up.I am in the button with K5 clubs. UTG limps, as do two other players, so I limp as blinds are cheap. SB calls and BB checks. About 1200 in the pot.Flop comes K75 rainbow, 7 is not a club.It is checked to me, and I bet 500 into the 1200 pot, thinking that it would look like a steal attempt, and I could come back over
  3. He lost to Phil Hellmuth. But that was the national headsup final out of 64 players. But, yeah, he's got a great record... but he's known for drawing out at the end with the worse hand. Not disputing his amazing play though.i think it is that Ferguson has never lost heads up at the WSOP... never had a second place finish.
  4. Down to about 30 players or so, #1 gets the Main Event seat, 2-5 get some money. I am in top 5 of chip stacks when this hand comes up.Blinds are at $1K/2K and I believe the ante is 100.. can't remember for sureI am up to just under 60K when I get a tough hand. I have A4 off and get a freebie flop from the BB with the SB and 3 others. It is 3 diamonds, nothing high. I have the Ace of diamonds and paired my 4. SB checks, I check, EP limper bets about third of the pot, and all others fold so I call.Turn is a black queen IIRC. I check, guy bets half pot (8K into a 16K pot). I called, but in retro
  5. I raise those hands, especially shorthanded.My trouble shorthanded comes with those low to medium pairs as well, as more often than not you are ahead preflop, but as a lot of players pretty much call with any ace, any suited king and any 2 cards above a 10 (or so it seems), a lot of flops are dangerous for those medium pairs as any overcard can end up beating you and you aren't going to be getting enouh callers to keep drawing for a set.So, to answer your questions, the AQ-ATo are raises shorthanded in my book as they are likely to be best preflop and easy to get away from if the flop complete
  6. Except that the term 'big slick' has been around far before the Exxon-Valdez spill in Alaska. As for why Santa Barbara? Not sure... I can't find anything to attribute that to in the RGP archives.PatrickMaybe the oil spilled in Santa barbara came from Alaska.... :idea: (sw)
  7. According to http://www.flopturnriver.com/phpBB2/forum/...ck-why-7834.htm, Mike Caro mentions that AK used to be called Santa Barbara due to an oil spill some time ago, and the name evolved into Big Slick.So far that's the best I can do.
  8. Unfortunately I am a Warriors fan... and I shudder every year when the draft comes around.I'd be happy if we'd had been able to keep:Arenas, Jamison, Webber etc.A lineup of Arenas, Richardson, Jamison, Murphy and Webber would be nice. No true center, but it would be hard to outscore that lineup.Oh well... here's to another off season of saying "We are so close"At least they finished the season strong.
  9. Also the Poker Tracker forums themselves are extremely helpful for this sirt of thing. Get help from the people that actually designed the database.
  10. I have no issue with how you played the hand.You have middle pair with low kicker with no real draw, no point putting more money into this hand.Now, if the flop had come down giving you 4 to a straight or at least a backdoor flush draw, some thing more than just middle pair, then I could see more of an argument for betting out.
  11. Hand 1 - I let the hand go. Given your read on the guy and the hands he is likely to raise here, you are either a coin flip with two overcards to his pocket, or at best a small favorite if he has KT or QJ. You still have enough to find a better spot.Hand 2 - Getting 2.5-1 or so odds, I go ahead and push it here. Granted, you could hope for a better situation in the small blind, but, with a suited connector, you are not going to be too wrong to call with the odds you are getting, especially playing under the assumption that you are playing to win it all, and not just make the money, If you are
  12. I think that once you had made the decision to raise, you should have pushed. You already said you were pot committed with the raise to 20K, so, if bizman folds, you have the same result as if you pushed, if he calls, you are getting all-in on the flop anyway, so you may as well push all-in preflop. At the very least, it may have made bizman think about folding once you were called by Kingslake as you have shown you are committed all the way with the hand (even though mathematically you alread were by raising to 20K).Basically, raising to 20K and going all-in have the same result for you, but
  13. No they don't do it differently (at least none that I've watched), as this is a standard poker rule. I suggest you tell the person to watch the telecast a little more closely as Sexton usely does a very good job explaining this when it gets down to heads up.usuallywith the intro," Now, in poker, when it gets down to heads up, the small blind is on the button and he is first to act before the flop, but acts last after the flop."
  14. They all range from i believe $1500 to $5000 .. I think the harrahs website has a link with all of the details.Prize pool is obviously dependent on number of entrants.
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