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  1. Love this on some many levels, Merry Christmas - keep your shoes tied and don't forget a dynamic warmup!!
  2. we are not going to agree on that, i feel very comfortable that our government will continue to **** it up, it will cost more, the rank and file people who have coverage today as part of a work benefit package will go down, consumers will be unhappy with it and the "rich" people will continue to buy what they want... outside of those issues i am sure it will be great.
  3. Bob brought up the Medicaid numbers not me - i just said they they aren't good. the cost to pay for them in theory was to come from the new sign ups which aren't happening...it is going to be an economic disaster but that has been known for a long time for anyone willing to look at it with an open mind. bottom line is IMO it only gets worse from here.
  4. the budget was for the bill was based off numbers that are starting in the wrong direction and moving worse, as some stated from the begining this is going to be an economic disaster. it is not a matter of what i am for or against - it is a matter of this program is a trainwreck and it is only going to get worse for everyone. message to working poor and lower middle class - grab your ankles the government is coming to help you.
  5. the objective was to get people healthcare, affordable that they were going to pay for.... 9 million on medicaid is not a good thing
  6. some updated numbers - granted virtually nobody counts North Dakota but...well the numbers there speak for themselves. Nice work BHO and band of thieves. http://www.weeklysta...nce_766531.html
  7. With the massive amount of people signing up this has been an amazing success. All the people who didn't have coverage but were anxiously awaiting it...the numbers are staggering - wait, what the - the web site hardly works? people aren't knocking down the doors to get in? cost went up? oh my god who could have seen this trainwreck coming...LOL
  8. no kidding - not the boldest statement ever but it is true.
  9. Obama reminds me more of the son of a business owner who takes over a company but has no skills or understanding of how to lead it.
  10. Don't worry when BHO gets done with the media they won't do anything like this again.
  11. it is shame he didn't live long enough to get waterboarded.
  12. shocking that the house of cards is falling down - wait till the healthcare bill expodes...hope and change!! LOL
  13. This about the same as saying Chemo is not good because it makes you sick... government spending is not the solution no matter how many times people say it. And since you asked - who wants to cut government spending? all people that understand what our country was founded on do. all peole that understand you can't tax your way to good economic times and everyone that realize we as a people are being taken advantage of by a few. 2 months ago BHO got his tax hike...now it is time for the cuts. Just last week Howard Dean said middle class taxes are going to have to go up, or cuts are goin
  14. Atta boy stick with that, don't ever let the facts get in the way of what you want to believe.
  15. did i take a shot at Bob? there was nothing negative in my comment on his post. I hate the actions of our government - end of story. Libs have been in control for the last 4 yrs and Bush spent 8 years giving them anything damn thing they wanted so he could have his war...yea we do have a bad government right now. maybe someday it will change. libs are silly - they are also damaging our country deeply and out of control at the present momment.
  16. Bob's MO is to post link often with little or no comments. the link will typically be some kind of leftist view or some nut job from the right and disappear. of course things are going to be assumed, it is left that way intentionally IMO.
  17. oh boy, he is a special one!! Some of what he says is actually true, some of it presented in a normal tone and conversation is even logical...but he is certainly batshit crazy!! That being said banning guns solves nothing.
  18. government sucks...you are shocked by this? during Katrina it was GB's fault...now it is the republicains fault...regardless when government gets involved it is going to cost more, provide less and be painfully slow...and coming soon to all of us they will be providing health care!! Jeez what could go wrong??? When are people going to realize they are not better off with big government?
  19. By the way, in 2 months when the debt ceiling needs to voted on...LOL there is going to be blood in the streets og DC is my prediction. BHO won (this round)...he got his tax hikes...he looks like a modern Robin Hood...spending will be the next round and they can't do it without changes.
  20. i don't think anyone thinks this is a good bill, hell not even most democrats that i listened to on CNN and MSNBC thought it was good. obviously they thought it was bad for different reasons but they still didn't like. wait - edit - it passed....so you were able to get your shot in at the GOP even thought you were incorrect. yep libs are great - don't ever let the facts get in the way of what you believe.
  21. big problem - don't that i would say that as a line item. it is part of the overall spending problem that is the biggest problem we have right now. yes - is it wasteful and self defeating for the people who use as a way of life - yes - is it used as a tool for Democrats to control weak minded people who don't take care of themselves...yes Edit - see link guess it is a big problem. http://www.foxbusiness.com/government/2012/10/18/trillion-dollar-cost-welfare/#ixzz2GoLztNpv
  22. this is an awesome clip... Could you imagine that show on the air today? Libs would go crazy every week! on a serious note it does give a bit reference to the length of time this topic has been discussed. regardless of your position on the arguement it is not going to end quickly - this clip is close to 40 yrs old and damn close to spot on where we stand today. maybe you could dig up some of the welfare clips and see how accurate they turned out to be.
  23. You are correct about that, however none of the conversation about guns right is going to change the saftey of kids in the next 10 years or longer. Plus there is not going to be any agreement that is going to happen quickly. In the mean time there is quite a bit to figure out that is kind of important. i have kids in middle school - i get it - but right now there are more pressing concerns.
  24. none of the gun conversation matters, it isn't going to be agreed on and there are so many more pressing issues thta actually do matter. in the mean time we spend .46 on the 1 to pay for interest on our national debt but our leaders want to raise spending again...for our own good of course. Cause we can't do anything without them!!
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