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  1. I'm talking about live play. I would think I would have to completely change the way I play to be less predictable online. Do you have a solution for the online play?
  2. My team has been doing great so far, but I have three players who are out this week and I can't find anyone that great to replace them...ugh! Keep my fingers crossed the team I'm playing sucks.
  3. Apparently they had no credible sources on this one! =D I may just have to open a Twitter account now, since it is the only way to get your point across.
  4. How can you figure out if you are helping out the players you are playing with by having a tell? I'm always looking for other players tells, but don't know if I am giving them anything.
  5. Wow...those were not quite the answers I was looking for or expecting. The rodent appendages may distract the other players though, giving you the advantage.
  6. LOL! I'm surprised she let you climb back into bed after that one! I have never heard of this show. What station does it come one?
  7. LOL! I think this one is one of my favorites! I do think Phil probably would have gone with a red bra though. Not sure why he would go shirtless though, has he looked in a mirror?
  8. Maybe he would have earned it further into his term, but seriously...he was nominated 2 weeks in!! What could he have possibly done by then? I don't understand what the rush was to get him nominated.
  9. I always find it interesting to hear of the different things people do or keep with them to keep up a lucky streak. Do you have a lucky item or routine?
  10. Never played in Doyle's room myself, but I have heard plenty of my buddies complaining about having the same problem. I have a friend who has been waiting on several hundred dollars for the past 5 months.
  11. I just got done watching Year One tonight. It was a little strange at times, but it kept me laughing like Jack Black usually does.
  12. I'll watch rugby and think it is a good add for the olympics, but golf...seriously!? I won't be watching that one on TV unless I need a good, long nap!
  13. I have never played in a big tournament, but wouldn't mind trying it out. I don't think I'm ready yet, but I can dream. Where do you dream of playing?
  14. Pretty interesting if you ask me. I'll have to try it out to see how it works. It would be a cool card trick to show off a bit.
  15. Why is it when anyone didn't agree with President Bush's policies it was just considered a difference in political opinions, but when someone doesn't agree with President Obama it is racism. I don't care what color he is I just don't agree with his policies!
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