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  1. I'm not rolled for any of this but I'm looking for stakes in all of the $5k buy ins and higher. Don't be shy ladies.
  2. Do we win any prize for the longest HU sng ever? If so I'm in.
  3. Wow, this sounds a lot like masturbating with no climax. I would probably just shove every hand until it was over.
  4. I'm not drunk yet but I will be later while getting crushed by MTTs. Over/Under -200? I take the over.
  5. Yep, I need to start smoking weed again.
  6. I was involved in a live tournament recently where something like that happened. The dealer brought out two burn cards on accident. The floor was called over and the final decision was to put the 2 burn cards and the flop back in the deck and reshuffle and do the flop over again. I wasn't involved in the hand but the first flop gave the utg position 2 pair and the second flop gave the same guy top pair and the button flopped a straight. I just laugh...
  7. I would call with J high or better, but I'm terrrrrible though. looks sexy to me
  8. I'm so glad I'm the only one who replies in this thread. 30 shots deep and I'm not going to remember this. sigh
  9. http://vvcap.net/db/z982IVVWUxlnQIj3JoYU.htpVodka tho...
  10. I missed a 6k cash, drunk obv. Also I think I ripped you off andrew, not sure I'm 20 shots deep in svedka right now. also convinced my nephew to slap me once on the hour every hour, updates obv.
  11. Apparently I'm the only one who drinks and posts stuff.
  12. and i'm drunk again... Ship the two final tables, 10 shots of vodka, and the bust a pro t-shirt.
  13. This converter is going to be a cash cow...Full Tilt Limit Stud $800/$1600 ante $150 - 8 playersSeat 1: $20,094.00 [X] [X] Seat 2: $1,906.00 [X] [X] Seat 3: $3,000.00 [X] [X] Seat 4: $18,183.00 [X] [X] Seat 5: $8,187.00 [X] [X] Seat 6: $7,488.00 [X] [X] Seat 7: $15,554.00 [X] [X] Seat 8: $13,380.00 (Hero)3rd Street: ($1,200.00) (8 players)Seat 1 folds, Seat 2 folds, Seat 3 folds, Seat 4 raises to $1,600, 3 folds, Hero calls $8004th Street: ($3,600.00) (2 players)Seat 4 bets $800, Hero raises to $1,600, Seat 4 calls $8005th Street: ($6,800.00) (2 players)Seat 4 checks, Hero bets $1,
  14. Yeah I only play the majors... T-shirt equity tho
  15. My cat hates white cats, she's black. Also on FT of a 2$ deepstack 2/6 and i'm not even drunk!
  16. He's right, I am a failure. I can only make final tables when I'm Pissed drunk, and what was I doing playing super turbos? Also my cat is racist, I'm not drinking for awhile.
  17. I have been watching this for run good entertainment.
  18. Good work and thanks for the rail!
  19. yep gg 7th. It's all about running hot until the FT. FML
  20. Getting aces and kings 10 times kinda helped.
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