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    Can I get an order of shrimp fried rice?
  2. adamkpm

    And Then....

    Two days before the day after tomorrow?
  3. You haven nothing to worry about, these idiots usually go around shooting each other. I remember once when I was 16 there was a drive by shooting a few blocks from our house. The shooter shot like 5 people and missed the guy he was aiming for. On a positive note, he did paint the wall with the brains of a 22 year old girl. That's like the craziest shit I have seen go down in pueblo that wasn't gang related.
  4. Employment is terrible, but that doesn't matter because your poker pro and the wife has a government job lined up. I lived there 10 years and I hated every moment of it. If you need a guide to find shit, let me know.
  5. You're moving to Pueblo? lol Sorry to hear that.
  6. <B looshle! 7/23 in the sunday million. go0gogogogo tid
  7. Ignore this, how else am I going to entertain myself at 3 in the am if your not posting useless threads?
  8. This shit is just too funny, also lurbz you should drink and post in the hhaha I'm drunk thread more so I don't look like a complete alcoholic.
  9. glgl you and looshle chop hu obv
  10. I might make a ft. other then that i'm in spew mode. help....
  11. I'm unemployed and I drink all day so can I train to be a monkey?
  12. adamkpm

    And Then....

    Epic thread in the making.
  13. I'm pretty sure this is my thread. All mine, nobody can post here but me.
  14. I imagine she was wearing those huge sunglasses so you can't see how ugly she really is, so no.
  15. Wait?!? People still play on ap/ub? This has to be false.
  16. 12 keystones and 5 shots of voodka to come. Tonight will be epic.
  17. **** that bitch, I hope they hang her and shoot her knee caps out. I can't even count the times stupid shit like this happens to me because some little ****ing **** that thinks the world revolves around them can just text, put makeup on, and shove her **** little mouth with food all at the same time. DIE BITCH./rant
  18. Can we be friends on facebook? PLEAAAAAASE
  19. Good work!! My sunday tho... meh.
  20. I was too busy bricking all my tournys and eating chinese food to notice what's going on, also kinda drunk. Sick run tho. Go pro imo
  21. Live poker is so more rigged then online. Fact.
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