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  1. Kd ftw!! One outters = BINK!!
  2. Have you tried living outside of Washington?
  3. Prob just shove and try to get the first 4 people to fold, it being the first hand and all. My second option would be to just call and take the coin flip against 4 other people where you are 73.8% to win.
  4. Didn't somebody do that a couple of years ago? I heard of a bunch of kids that made their own forum and they use it to post pictures of elephants and dolphins. wug thoughts?
  5. Bump Bump Bumpvtlaxer09 doing work again today, ft a stars 100r but busted in 7th for 2840$ He is 3/15 in a 20r on tilt. rail call!!Final table much?
  6. 1st for 9,555$!! Good work!Also a sidenote: Jason Mercier shipped Event 42: 1k nlhe for 435k. What a sicko
  7. 7th in the 30k for a ft bubble worth 780$ 2/8 in the 50/50 and 9,555$ for first.GLGL
  8. 3/9 in the fifty fifty and crushing. Also he's 8/10 in the 30k Guarantee 6 max. GLGL and tid!!
  9. adamkpm


    Link removed that contained a bunch of viruses.This thread must live on. Who ever wrote this must die, WTF!!!!Edit: This was actually an SNG guide to "Slide into the money" The author was giving terrible advice for 9 man sngs. Bob obv removed it because of the virus activity.
  10. Agreed, you should check out the 100r. I hear those are quite soft.
  11. Hmmm Vodka + poker > Sobriety + netflix. easy math, also I have got to stop posting in the other drunk thread, nobody ever posts there. that is all for now!
  12. You are still my favorite american player!
  13. It's the 6 of spades. Also this is not the strat thread, just berate me for sucking and move on.
  14. James 8:02 pmare you deep in anything?kimboho2 8:03 pmyhour momOHHHHHHJames 8:03 pminappropriateAlso, I had a set, i'm like never folding ldo
  15. Converted by the cows of Feral Cow PokerFull Tilt Pot Limit Omaha $150/$300 - 5 playersUTG: $5,796.00 CO: $1,030.00 Button: $21,620.00 (Hero)SB: $8,419.00 BB: $26,696.00 Preflop: ($450.00) Hero is Button with (5 players)BB calls $300, UTG calls $300, CO folds, Hero calls $300, undefined folds, SB checksFlop: ($1,350.00) :D (3 players)SB checks, BB checks, UTG bets $1,350, Hero raises to $5,400, SB folds, BB raises to $9,450, UTG calls $4,146, and is all in, Hero raises to $21,320, and is all in, BB calls $11,870Turn: ($49,486.00) (2 players)River: ($49,486.00) (2 players)UTG showed ,
  16. If i can convince pokerstars that I"m not a terrorist and they reinstate my account, I will def be playing a bunch of these. Thanks for the heads up bob.
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