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  1. Anybody know where to get software for the mac that only shows BB instead of chips?
  2. I haven't been here in a while. What happen to everybody?
  3. Thanks for the help, I will have the author fix this.
  4. Read about it here tl;dr The Oatmeal = Mathew Inman. He helps people with problems. Raises money for foundations. Now we want to help him by raising money to get him a Tesla Car. Mods: Please delete if this is against the rules.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmuTX0jNPKs&feature=shareCheck out Kingjames's video submissions for Junglemandan's Competition. Don't forget to vote for him once he is nominated for being a boss.
  6. I think it's only like 15$ to change your number. If that doesn't work for you then try this...
  7. Moooooooooooraaawwwr.Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em t1200/t2400 ante t300 - 9 playersButton: t50,766 (Hero)SB: t148,846 BB: t44,028 UTG: t48,609 UTG+1: t33,657 MP: t45,214 MP2: t45,299 HJ: t44,155 CO: t61,426 Preflop: (t6,300) Hero is Button with (9 players)6 folds, Hero raises to t5,555, SB raises to t148,546, and is all in, BB folds, Hero calls t44,911, and is all inFlop: (t204,112) (2 players)Turn: (t204,112) (2 players)River: (t204,1120 (2 players)Showing Results = Results Orientated Thinking
  8. KingJames > Individual threads > One thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kimobv mIRC ftw!!
  9. Kingjames obv. He gave us the 6 max cash micro thread.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=140799I'm just saying this is kinda a big deal.
  10. He's up like 10k but ptr keeps missing all the pots that he wins. Vote casted!!
  11. Can you coach me? I hear you are BAMF
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