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  1. I sorta got weak mentally after getting so many of these weak aces in a row. that finally i called one of them in the SB. I hit my ace and felt i should at least take a shot. Then i got attached and knew i cant really check turn unless im done, so i bet but ya it was really weak. Thanks though, sorta told me what i knew, fold pre
  2. i actually wasted a portion of my time bank on this. his pot sized bet on the river was strange. I kinda wanted to call it because i dont think a strong flush is betting that much on the river. I was sorta thinking of a 5c6c is possible or something along those lines. Was it worth the second bullet? And was the river fold bad?
  3. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 120/240 Blinds 25 Ante (9 handed) - Full-Tilt Hand Converter from HandHistoryConverter.comMP3 (t21915)CO (t12772)Button (t5920)Hero (SB) (t7680)BB (t12190)UTG (t14825)UTG+1 (t12645)MP1 (t4335)MP2 (t4740)Hero's M: 13.13Preflop: Hero is SB with 7, AUTG calls t240, 2 folds, MP2 calls t240, 3 folds, Hero calls t120, BB checksFlop: (t1185) 2, A, 10(4 players)Hero bets t720, 1 fold, UTG calls t720, 1 foldTurn: (t2625) J(2 players)Hero bets t1200, UTG calls t1200River: (t5025) 4(2 players)Hero checks, UTG bets t5025, Hero foldsTotal pot: t5025i am kinda disappoi
  4. ya i email them awhile back, so i have been using it for months as a beta user
  5. I would bet the flop. But sometimes you just won't get value if they don't have a hand
  6. In my defense it was a very loose passive table. It is very call/call. No bet amount i am willing to bet will knock out the people that call PF. So i am hoping that i will hit flop like this and double up. The question is how to i get max value now. Another reason for not raising PF is that i feel like i can outplay most of the players post flop.
  7. As played, shove or raise or call?Villain has been loose passive
  8. Full Tilt Poker Game #16670846141: $3 + $0.30 KO Sit & Go (123855640), Table 7 - 200/400 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 19:23:57 ET - 2009/12/09Seat 1: Lockvegas05 (1,815)Seat 2: virgilx (9,135)Seat 3: mikupoeg (6,730)Seat 4: Roseane (10,390)Seat 5: flagazzi (3,795)Seat 6: DanW22185 (3,250)Seat 8: gilouman (9,535)Seat 9: JB-poker01 (10,835)Lockvegas05 antes 50virgilx antes 50mikupoeg antes 50Roseane antes 50flagazzi antes 50DanW22185 antes 50gilouman antes 50JB-poker01 antes 50Roseane posts the small blind of 200flagazzi posts the big blind of 400The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dea
  9. well that was a fun sunday... not really actually i went bust :-)always monday night football though
  10. Had it. No big deal.Worst part was the loss of appetite
  11. Is anyone else concerned that we could have a GINGER as wsop champion????
  12. I thought it was very professional(sw)
  13. Take a week off. Come back, and BRM religiously. When you feel like you are going on tilt, stop and watch a south park episode.
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