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  1. Ya, I agree that that it is not clearcut. For me, I still make more money with my FT job, and I could easily demonstrate to an auditor that I spend most of my time 'working' and am not 'in the business of gambling'.
  2. I have a FT job and play poker recreationally (I am Canadian)...I have substantial winnings in the last 2 years...my CA told me that my winnings were not taxable so long as poker was not my primary source of income. I found this reassuring, FWIW.
  3. I'm just gonna drop it, but I would err on the side of inconveniencing all the 'kee kay's who spell their screen name 'kike'.
  4. I guess what I am asking (http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forum/index.php?showtopic=136472) is whether or not there is a line that can be crossed? Does ANYTHING go?
  5. I actually do not take offense easily and have never been one to complain about this sort of thing. This name however crosses a line, imho. Easy to dismiss I suppose when you are not the minority in question. Maybe I'm just bored today.
  6. I took offense to the screen name 'kike'. I am not interested in 'censoring' screen names, but I think that racial epithets are out of bounds, even if it is a 'nickname'. Here is my correspondence thus far with PS:*********************************> ----- Original Message -----> From: > Sent: 2009/06/01 12:15:05> To: support@pokerstars.com> Subject: > > >> >Hi. > >> > > >> >I writing to let you know that I take offence to the player name 'kike06',> as 'kike' is a derogatory reference to jewish people.> >> > > >> >S
  7. Everybody instinctively wants to beleive that a man/grandfather could never do such a thing. When he tells a 'reasonable' account of what happened, we really want to believe him. But the man did something inappropriate with this little girl. Young children do not interpret and remember innocent behaviour in a sexual context. This is just not how they see the world. For this girl to recount sexualized behaviour to her family in this manner, something must have been inappropriate. This is why the authorities take it so serously. As time passes, children's thoughts and memories become re-organize
  8. Played step 5 last night.Down to 3 handed, I was the short stack...shoved with JJ...called by AT AND KK...didn't improve...oh, so close.
  9. Here's my humble 2 cents on the steps...The advantage of a skilled player in this format seems to be quite marginal.I've been trying for 3 weeks:In the first week I didn't really know that much about Sit'n go strategy. I played extremely tight, and I got 3 cracks at step 5. By week 2 I felt that my results were quite random, depending on whether or not I caught good cards at the right time and whether or not the flips held up, so i decided to watch the 10 part Sit'n go strategy series on Cardrunners. Some eye-opening concepts that I wasn't aware of, but...In week 3 it seems that applying some
  10. I hear and agree with what you're saying, but I often face a dilemma as to whether or not to be pushing/aggressive as the bubble approaches (5th place in Step 3) and risk busting out when I know that if I hang on a little longer I can be confident of: 1) reaching 5th place, and 2) getting at least one more solid opportunity to get my chips in good. Also, with the slightly more patient approach I have been getting my chips in good later on, but like you said, they call lighter (and sometimes suck out).
  11. I'm thrilled to accumulate chips early, but I'm not taking big risks for tiny profits. By the time the blinds are climbing high I'm generally in the 1300 - 1700 range. Early on I take the approach that 'every chip is precious'. I'm learning that to occasionally limp or min raise is OK (which I would never do in most cash game scenarios).
  12. I start at step 3 (don't have the time to start with steps 1 or 2). I conserve chips until the blinds climb then try and catch some cards and make things happen. 1st week everything came easily...3 cracks at step 5 (out in 6th,4th, and then on my 3rd attempt I lost my internet connection early - gg me). This week I'm getting my ass kicked on step 3. Maybe tougher opponents or maybe variance. Bad beats on key hands coming out of my butt (AA<AT, AK<AJ, KK<77, AQ<A8)Anyone with opinions about optimal steps strategy? I feel like my approach is solid, but I'm not satisfied with this wee
  13. I have had the same problem but I recently read one of Daniel's articles with a quote that made a lot of sense...basically he said: 'If you never fold the best hand, then you really aren't playing all that well'.
  14. 18 guys...CA$800 buy-in...10 sit-n-go tables per person over 3-4 months...points awarded for finishing 1st-9th each week...overall winner gets WSOP ME buy-in + ~$2K for travel (etc...), and 50 or 60% equity in any WSOP cash (with the rest being allotted to other players depending on final ranking). Also there is a proposal that each player gets their $800 investment back in the event of any ME cash before the rest of the prize is distributed.I've got my own opinions about this proposal, but I'd be interested to hear what others think. Thanks in advance.
  15. Been sailing along beautifully for a couple months...things are happening the way they should...occasional bad beat, but that's understandable...then BOOM, suddenly everything is upside down, bad beats are non-stop one on top of the next...crazy improbabilities one after the next...freakin' doomswitch...Just needed to vent, thanks for listening...please move on.
  16. At the time I felt/hoped/believed that the odds were right to call, and I did. In analyzing things in this thread, I started to think that I must've been a huge dog to win (i.e. coinflip being the best case scenario). Seeing the stats/odds laid out it seems clear that the odds favour a call.
  17. Taking everything into account I don't think that I had any business calling his shove...a coin-flip (at best) for stacks generally doesn't appeal to me (edit: I suspect this thinking shows why I shouldn't be playing high stakes hu), and I guess I got caught up in this particular hand. If I knew that he was loose, then maybe.Is my flop raise really that bad if I plan on folding to a shove? In hindsight, I would be 4-betting pf and getting it all-in if necessary. But given the current scenario, folding to a flop bet seems weak. Calling doesn't help me either.
  18. I agree that I shouldn't be playing 5/10 hu...I would definitely be on a small stakes table if I was planning on becoming a hu player/specialist, but that being said I do occasionally find myself playing hu on a full ring table (I think that the original post gives the wrong impression that I am doing hu training on a 5/10 table).I did call the shove..he had KK (no club)...a 9 on the river gave me the pot (sorry for no conversion, i don't have access to the HH right now).
  19. I appreciate all of the feedback. With the 33 hand, he wasn't 'over-aggressive' so much as he over-called on the flop and turn. Ultimately, I didn't have a meaningful read on this guy and certainly didn't have a sense of his 3-bet or 4-bet range.I guess my original question related to whether or not my additional outs (inside straight draw, and non-nut flush draw) justified a loose call assuming there was a good chance that he was ahead.
  20. No worries...I'm a full-ring player but will occasionally play someone hu while waiting for a table to fill-up at 2-4, 3/6, and very rarely 5/10.
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