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  1. Third is fine IMO.Fourth I wouldn't have played like that. If you were first to act AFTER the bet, then a raise would be fine to hopefully narrow the field, but since you weren't, its just a call.Fifth is a fold IMO. You are drawing to a worse low than your opponent, so it will take a lot of luck (you catching good, him catching bad twice) to win.
  2. I never would have made the call that Daniel made, NOR would I have called the bet that El Matador did.I think they both played like Donkeys in this hand...hence the reason I am here typing this, and they are playing in the WSOP...lol
  3. There was just something about this guy, where I knew what his cards were every time he was involved with me. i knew he had the ten here with his insta-push, but had to prove myself right by calling. Bingo bango bongo, his A-ten beat my kings, and I was trolling for another 5-man'er.
  4. I agree that calling is very bad, so my decision was down to pushing or folding. I made the right decision this time, but wasn't sure if it was the right decision in general.
  5. Same raising opponent as my other 5-man SNG hand I just posted. A few minutes later, the following occurs (didnt get the hand history in time):Here's the gist:Hero 1350 chips with Kc Kd. Villain 2900 chips in BB. Blinds at 25/50.UTG limps, hero raises to 250, SB folds, Villain calls, UTG folds.Flop comes 10d 10c 6h. (pot is 600 I think)Hero bets 350, Villain pushes, Hero???Thoughts.
  6. NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $5+$1 (Real Money), #718,510,722 Palo Alto Single Table Tournament, 14 Jul 2006 1:09 PM ET Seat 1: ($1,420 in chips) Seat 5: ($2,930 in chips) Seat 9: ($1,140 in chips) Seat 10: Hero ($2,010 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSSeat 5 posts blind ($15), Seat 9 krogh posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPHero bets $125, Seat 1 folds, Seat 5 bets $300, Seat 9 calls $285, Hero ???Seat 5 is a tricky/dumb (not sure which yet) player, have seen him limp with hands like ace king and ace jack on the button. Seat 9 is a brutal player, who likes to see a flop, with just about anything from what I hav
  7. How did it turn out? Did he call your re-re-raise? Your hand hold up?
  8. I personally wouldn't even consider calling your river bet, however, I have had a ton of calls of just that sort made against me, which is awesome to know later...Just looked again at his chip stack. He had probably given up and was just trying to win a bunch of money or bust out so he could get out of his basement and see the light of day (early afternoon wasn't it?)...
  9. Check the turn. It's heads-up, you have a vulnerable hand against an opponent who clearly has something good based on the flop play. Easy call on the river. If he scoops you to the 2 on the river, well, nice hand sir and move on.
  10. Man, do you ever blow. I missed the tourney - how did you do?
  11. He pulled a Caro on you (remember what Caro did to Tony G in the Heads-up this year?). He figures the possible tilt/"i'm a donkey" effect will give him much more of your (and the rest of the tables) money in future hands.
  12. If he pushed on the river that you were going to push anyhow, it makes no difference to what you should do here. Easy call, and if you lost, it is probably due to the lack of a turn push (he may have flopped trips or two pair ace and kings or something like that, but I doubt it the way it was played).
  13. I thought you knew better than to show up for the start of the tourney...pull a Hellmuth and skip the first 3 levels, letting the donkeys bust themselves or get a bigger stack for you to take later...
  14. With the pre-flop raise coming from UTG, and being that close to the bubble, I wouldn't fault you for folding pre-flop with a trouble hand. Calling is okay as well, but you will be OOP throughout the hand, so you have to tread lightly barring a flush draw flopping.Need some info on villain here. If he makes CB's routinely, then this may be a good time for a check-raise. If he isn't, then open-pushing is probably fine, as we probably wont be folding should we put in a normal raise and have someone come over the top of us, so why not maximize our fold equity. THe only hands that I can see ca
  15. I play it probably the same, maybe would have checked 5th street.
  16. Daniel in his latest blog says he played flawlessly with the possible exception of one call on 6th street in Stud 8, with no mention of this Razz hand.Nobody cares to comment on this hand? I think it warrants some discussion.
  17. That is not what I was suggesting, I was just putting that little tidbit of info out there.
  18. Daniel Negreanu, showing 3 10 10, calls a bet from Juan Carlos Mortensen, who shows 5 5 9. Neither player has a spectacular Razz hand, where pairs count against you. On sixth street, Negreanu gets the 2 and Mortensen gets the 5, giving him trips. Negreanu raises and Mortensen calls. Both check after receiving their seventh card. Negreanu shows (A 6)31010(3) and Mortensen mucks. Negreanu leaps from his chair and shouts, "Yes! I won a Razz hand!" while Mortensen complains Negreanu's call was the worst he's ever seen - Negreanu called with a pair of Tens, which were beat by Mortensen's low
  19. I definately wouldn't put my opponent on Ace King with that action pre-flop (min-raise and just a call, then a call to your re-raise). KQ perhaps...
  20. It may or not have been in your example, but the concept I have expressed IS out there...
  21. I wouldn't have limped pre-flop.Push or fold the flop.
  22. Agreed, but why do people consider it defending then, if they are not yours???
  23. Calling all-ins with medium pocket pairs is inviting a race situation or domination IMO. Pushing is totally different than calling with these hands.
  24. I think the fact that it is a FPP tournament changes a lot of "conventional wisdom"...
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