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  1. Depending on the strength of his hand, some of the comments you provided may be completely backwards. I agree completely that what he thinks we have is a major factor, however, ...
  2. Seems like a clear fold to me. Calling off all your chips with only (yes - ONLY)one pair is just plain silly.
  3. She's new to me, but has been their mom since the git-go!
  4. There you go again, being a flippity-floppity... I've been away for months, and the best you guys can do is dig up one of MY old threads???LOL
  5. Looking back at the hand (before the comments), I realized that the raise on the end was [probably spewingh (hence the reason I asked). jay shows [ 9C,JC,JH,AS,QD,JS,QC ]hel shows [ 3H,5C,2C,10S,6H,7S,KH ]
  6. I think all three have been worth it, to keep accurate results tracking, to analyze your game afterwards, AND for knowing players tendancies using gametime or some other program.
  7. That is exactly why I showed his stats, as I realized after that he would be calling me down with just about anything, which he did, a pair of eights...
  8. I cant beat my opponents board, so bluffing the river is my only chance of winning the hand.
  9. I thought the push was great, until he turned over the 10c 2c. We both missed, so his ten took it down and I was done.
  10. Im starting to get back into MTT after dominating the small stakes SNG's, and am having some difficulties in adapting to the minior changes needed...
  11. Its a turbo, so it plays a little differently, PLUS, its $5, so its full of donkeys. Everyone knows Im too tight, so I thought I would start playing a few more hands like this, hoping to get some chips early. Probably a mistake.
  12. Seven Card Stud Hi/Low $0.50-$1 (real money), hand #737,463,558Table Differdingen, 19 Jul 2006 2:29 PM ETSeat 1: xxx ($32.10 in chips)Seat 4: luv ($56.75 in chips)Seat 5: Pam ($56.90 in chips)Seat 6: Mon ($10.30 in chips)Seat 7: Rocketwad0 ($19.80 in chips)Seat 8: hel ($10.55 in chips)Seat 10: jay ($5.60 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSEveryone anteesDEALSeat 1: xxx [ xx,xx,10C ] FoldsSeat 4: luv [ xx,xx,10D ] CallsSeat 5: Pam [ xx,xx,QS ] FoldsSeat 6: Mon [ xx,xx,5D ] CallsSeat 7: Rocketwad0 [ 6C,8H,7C ] Calls Seat 8: hel [ xx,xx,2C ] Brings-inSeat 10: jay [ xx,xx,JH ] Calls4TH ($1.45)Seat 4: luv [ xx,x
  13. Two donkeys against me in this one.Pam has the following stats: 67 hands, VP$IP 54%, Went to Showdown 59%, AF = 0.65Mon has the following stats: 49 hands, VP$IP 35%, Went to Showdown 45%, AF =0.55Seven Card Stud Hi/Low $0.50-$1 (real money), hand #737,469,685Table Differdingen, 19 Jul 2006 2:30 PM ETSeat 1: xxx ($32.00 in chips)Seat 5: Pam ($56.80 in chips)Seat 6: Mon ($9.95 in chips)Seat 7: Rocketwad0 ($15.45 in chips)Seat 8: hel ($13.90 in chips)Seat 10: jay ($9.00 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSEveryone anteesDEALSeat 1: xxx [ xx,xx,4H ] FoldsSeat 5: Pam [ xx,xx,JC ] CallsSeat 6: Mon [ xx,xx,AS ] C
  14. Main opponent in this hand is a donkey. Their stats are as follows (67 hands - VP$IP - 53%, raised 3rd street 1 time, went to showdown 23 out of 39 times, AF = 0.65).Seven Card Stud Hi/Low $0.50-$1 (real money), hand #737,551,090Table Differdingen, 19 Jul 2006 2:56 PM ETSeat 1: xxx ($44.40 in chips)Seat 5: Pam ($67.90 in chips)Seat 6: Mon ($14.25 in chips)Seat 7: Rocketwad0 ($13.60 in chips)Seat 10: bri ($49.35 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSEveryone anteesDEALSeat 1: xxx [ xx,xx,QH ] FoldsSeat 5: Pam [ xx,xx,KS] CallsSeat 6: Mon [ xx,xx,KC ] FoldsSeat 7: Rocketwad0 [ 9H,6H,5H ] CallsSeat 10: bri [ xx,
  15. Here's the gist:Turbo MTT. About 350 players to start, 40 paid. Blinds at 50-100. Hero has 1600 in chips. Still about 280 players left. Average can't be much higher than that I wouldn't think (around 1875).UTG limps, folds to Hero in MP who limps with 8c 9c, folds to SB who calls, BB checks.Flop comes 3c Qc 6h. Pot is 400.SB bets 50 (has about 1800 chips), BB folds, UTG folds, Hero pushes.Thoughts?
  16. Calling the raise is subjective, as there might be some hands that you can beat that would raise there depending on the opponent, but not many. That is why I suggested check-calling. A worse hand may try to steal it there on 7th as well (forgot to mention that).Second hand - I don't know the exact math there, but in my experience, when someone has an open pair of aces and they check it, they are intending to check-raise. This would have been aperfect time for them to do just that, allowing them to get 3 extra BB in the pot there. This should have cost you another BB, thereby decreasing you
  17. Clear push or fold, probably leaning towards a push.
  18. First Hand - I would probably have check-called 7th street. Can't see you getting a better hand to fold, but you may get a worse hand to call there. Second Hand - check it down on 5th. Stop leading out, especially with the two aces showing, as they aren't going anywhere.
  19. For me as well. Actuary kept posting about his 6-man SNG's, so I recently started playing some 5-man SNG's on FCP. Very different than a regular SNG.
  20. It was so automatic when he pushed that I was at least 90% sure he had the ten there, if not 100% sure. I don't think I could have layed it down with those stack sizes, but if it was a deep-stacked tourney, then perhaps...
  21. What I said was I made the right decision (in that I didn't go broke), but I was uncertain if I should have played it like I did, hence is it the right decision in general?
  22. What purpose will betting do on the river there? Will a better hand fold to your bet? Not likely IMO. Will a worse hand (than a pair of aces) call your bet? Again, not likely.Take the free showdown.
  23. I don't like the check (hoping to check-raise) as it may get checked around, allowing flush draws and low draws to improve for free. Probably wouldn't have gotten the flush draw (if it was the nut-flush) to fold for one SB, but a naked low draw would probably have let it go, enabling a scooped pot rather than a split.
  24. Its minor, but what were the other two cards (that folded)?On 7th, I can't see you getting a better hand than yours to fold after he called you all that time, AND, I'm not so sure that you will get a call from a worse hand, so it seems like a bad bet if you decide to make one. Take the free showdown IMO.
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