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  1. I guess nobody on the forum plays this game anymore...better stick to posting Omaha 8 hands I guess...
  2. A so far wide range or thoughts on this predicament I got myself into, which is exactly why I posted it.For arguments sake, lets say you decided to just call that bet.Turn is the 10d.Villain bets $12. Hero ???
  3. NLHE - $0.50/$1.00 blinds - sitting in SB with about $50, Villain is in CO with about $50 also. Table is 8 handed, this is my second hand, so no info on anyone. I've bene playing a ton of Omaha 8 lately, so don't have a lot of experience with NLHE right now.Folded to CO who limps in. I complete the blind with 3h 5h. BB checks.Flop is 2h 4s 5c.Hero bets pot. Villain calls.Turn is Kd. Hero checks. Villain checks.River is Js.Hero checks, Villain bets $1.00. Hero calls.Questions:1 - should I have lead out on the flop, or check-raised?2 - since I lead out on flop and got called, was my turn
  4. PLO8 - $0.50/1.00 blinds. 8 handed. First hand in CO, posted (sitting with $49.50 now). Recreating hand history as I didn't send it to this comp. No info on villain from previous sessions.Dealt to hero in CO - Ks Qc Js 10cFolded around to hero, who pots it. Button folds. SB calls (also has about $50). BB folds.Flop is 9s 9c Qs.SB bets pot. Hero ???Here's my thinking as the hand went down. SB called my pot-sized pre-flop raise immediately. I'm talking as soon as I hit the bet pot button, my screen showed him calling like THAT. It was so quick, IMO it had to have been him putting a li
  5. Is this a SNG or a MTT? In these types of low dollar buy-in tourneys, I find that many of the players play differently between the two, but not a lot. SNG's will find more people looking to hit a big pot early or bust - who cares they think, i'll just play in another after. However, in a MTT, I find that most people are a little more patient, and wont necessarily go for broke in this situation (from their perspective, not yours). That being said, I would pot-it/push here as I believe you would have some fold equity, and may be able to get it heads-up or possibly 3-way. Even if you don't g
  6. With position, I would agree with you, but in bad position, I think they are a no-no (in PL and NL). In limit, no problem at all playing them regardless of position. I just think they are more of a drain on your bankroll over time. Yes, you will make some money on favorable boards against certain opponents, but will it necessarily offset all the times you miss completely?
  7. Well, Ive heard somewhere that you shouldn't play hands like this in the first place, so since you cant seem to justify playing it, i'll ignore pre-flop and just assume you had to post with it. Lol.Flop is fine. Turn is fine. River is a check-call to one bet. Re-evaluate if facing two or more(depends on where the raising comes from).
  8. Can you explain the reasoning behind playing this very mediocre hand in mediocre position please, so that we can better assess the line to take against these particular opponents (I assume that the playstyle of your opponents is at least part of the reason you played the hand in the first place).
  9. Hopefully im doing the math right:If you call the river all-in, it costs you $25.50 to do so.Main pot - 3 opponents. It totals $32.20. If you get half, you get $16.10 here. If you get both halves, you get $32.20. If you get neither, you get $0. If you get only 1/4 here, you get $8.05.Side pot - 2 opponents. It totals ($69.7). If you got half above, you get at least half here, which is $34.85. If you get both above, you get both here, which is $69.7. If you get neither above, you still most likely get half here, which is $34.85. I find it very hard to see the Side Pot villain having a
  10. So your saying that the $19 will do nothing to the pot odds based on the range we put an opponent on here? I think your wrong in that statement, but change the stack sizes to twice as much at the start of the hand, and tell me there wont be a difference.
  11. Every time ive called here, I got scooped by a crappy flush and nut low, OR, got quartered somehow. Get out while the gettings good IMO.
  12. I dont think I can honestly see me folding this hand, at any time. They happen...
  13. Raise the flop - (maybe) get rid of the low draws.
  14. Im not convinced it was a good call pre-flop. You have a less than mediocre hand, with bad position. What flops can come that you would like (other than top set with no low possible)? Its hands like this that seem to bleed a lot of your hard earned BB's from the other HORSE games. The fact that you got there on the river is irrelevant. Flop is fine, but I think check-raising has merits as well here with 3 in the pot. Id rather try to get it heads up here or on the turn, to help you win the pots where you dont catch your straight against some fool with aces here (or other similar raising
  15. I have problems with hands similar to this one - good post.I think you have to gamble here, seeing as you raised the flop (which I think was a mistake) and built up this big pot. Thankfully, the stacks are relatively small, so its an all-in situation for both your opponents. Your not necessarily behind here for either half, and you (probably) have outs to get there for both as well (meaning many cards could counterfieght their hands giving you the best high and/or low).
  16. Its amazing how the donks always seem to scoop in the split games when playing inferior starting hands...easy fold on third.Nice river bet though. Amazing what it will do for your stack. lol
  17. Am I the only player that follows the old adage "Never go broke with a queen in your hand"??? Clearly a fold, not sure when...lol
  18. I missed that it was NL instead of PL (it wasnt a "proper" hand history, so I just glanced at the amounts and thought they were pot-sized bets/raises). i just think that my raise opens the door up too much for him being able to valueshove an overboat far too often (and concurrently, that he holds an overboat far too often based on the earlier streets' action) to be the correct play.If it was PL, he could only push the size of the pot, and since you controlled the size of the pot throughout, you could probably call any re-raise most players made there (possibly including this villain) and feel
  19. These limits are a little out of my playing range, so my thinking may be completely off here (I say that because on the smaller limits that I play $0.25/0.50 and $0.50/$1.00 there are max buy-ins which are fairly small (ie. $50/$100), so the play MAY be different).IMO, if you are playing that hand from the button, its an automatic raise pre-flop. If the ace was suited, then perhaps I would limp to try to get more people in the pot chasing non-nut flushes (but again, at the smaller limits, they call the raise anyhow from the blinds most of the time, and the limpers would more often than not ca
  20. With smaller stacks, I would agree with re-raising pre-flop. These would be considered fairly deep though, so I don't think it wise.
  21. Have you read Super System II? If not, please do, that will answer your question.
  22. Clear call with all your draws. Repotting takes away all your profit.
  23. Im not sure calling the raise pre-flop from BB is correct.I don't like your lead on the flop with that many people, as you are basically giving away your hand IMO. A check-raise would probably have been better. As you played it, I think you have to call the river bet.
  24. At those limits, the re-raise to your raise is almost always aces, especially when he checks the flop with the ace, regardless of his position (SB).
  25. Your play pre-flop is fine. On the flop is fine as well, but I probably would check-raise there instead. If he re-raises or calls your check-raise, slow down UI. As it stands the way you played it, calling the raise on the flop is probably correct, as is folding the turn.
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