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  1. Thanks I will check that one out. Any other competing thoughts? I really want to improve my game
  2. I know there are slot of poker training sites out there such as poker by, deepstacks university and others. I am looking for which is the best bang for my buck. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the reminder. I really wanted to see this.
  4. 9 5 is a real hand here especially if he is playing something like 5 7 8 9 with suited cards. I think this is a fold.
  5. I don't think it will be many since I think moon will stick to the fold/shove game. I think they will get it in pretty quickly.
  6. yeah it will have the moneymaker effect all over again but I am still rooting for Cada.
  7. I will be sad if moon wins although it might create another huge poker boom.
  8. OMG...that is unreal. Well I am rooting for Cada now since ivey and shulman are gone.
  9. yeah I would hate to be in his position. Is there any buy out on that bet?
  10. i agree with you sir...stupid cable
  11. Yeah Saout looked like he thought about hitting him or calling a floor. When I saw him do that I was like WTF? I am suprised no one stepped in and said anything to him. What about Billy Kopp and losing the 20 million in chips on one hand? That was crazy.
  12. yeah i like the 3 bet flop as well
  13. This is a pretty interesting hand. I see you being able to pull off this bluff effectively if I wasn't worried about the 2nd villian behind me. The only way I see you getting called here would be if 1st villian has top two or Str8 already. It seems to me that this is just a c-bet. If he is a thinking player like you say then this is an effective play but if he is somewhat new to the game or not as versed in the ways of 8 or better than this play probably wouldn't work. Your strategy is sound and I think well thought out. I think it would be worth the risk but again I would like to be just head
  14. usually before you start a home game you should address issues like string bets and such to avoid any tension or confusion later in the game. It was a string bet but since it is just a fun home game you shouldn't make a huge deal out of it. Let him do it that once and just let him know that he needs to put it all in at once or announce the amount. That should ease the tension and avoid any fighting or arguing.
  15. yeah in that scenario I go with fold as well. Higher set is a def possibility. You may even be going against top two with nut flush draw or at least higher flush draw. That would be a huge draw for them and bad for you even though you are ahead at the moment.
  16. i hope i can post numbers like that one day.
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