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  1. I don't mind acclaimed loose call here. He assumed delved is playing higher cards so if low cards come out he has an opportunity to steal. If not he can dump the hand cheaply and move on. This was the situation he was looking for. Delved is just complaing cause he got outflopped and then stacked off with such a weak hand.
  2. Hate to hear it man. My thoughts are with you.
  3. I would play but the economy took my job so I had to take all my money off the net to make ends meet. GL to everyone playing today though!!!! GO FCP!
  4. Maybe?Zombiegreg (mobile)
  5. Yeah his rapping is terrible and the fact that he never takes that hood off.
  6. ha ha ha that was awesome....but seriously does jeff madson ever take off that hood?
  7. I hope it is better for the second show as well but I doubt it will be. They are trying to be a football halftime show it seems and I don't think that is going to work. It looks like a college production class group project. Sebok is about as natural in front of the camera as pamela anderson's breasts.
  8. I am watching a replay right now and it is really cheezy. I don't like the setup of trying to be like a regular sports info show. I think they should have gone more casual with it. The dialouge seems forced and it is kind of boring.
  9. WOW! There is more drama here than daytime soaps. Crazy.
  10. Yeah I see your point. It would be like jerry yang winning again. He was a nobody and another boom didn't happen and he was terrible.
  11. It is hard to say if in the earlier hand he didn't misread then it could be possible he is just betting trips on the river or he is just bad enough to have made lower straight and think he is slowplaying it by waiting till the river to push the rest of his chips. Looking back at the way he played this hand seeing how he played the earlier hand I think I have to call this bet here. It is just to possible that he is just playing trips here and he is just that bad. He probably thought top pair on the flop was good and was "slowplaying" it in his mind and then made trips on the river and decided t
  12. I am glad to see cada win but I almost wanted moon to win so we could have another moneymaker effect. I wanted another boom. I will give moon credit I think he did a lot better than anyone expected him to do.
  13. Never mind I just realized I read the time wrong. It's pst not est.
  14. would love to but I have never made a deposit on pokerstars...Does anyone ever stake for FT? and 2. We are under hurricane warning so I don't think my internet connection would last. ha ha
  15. thanks guys I think I am going to give deuces cracked a go.
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