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  1. I had about the same year of not accomplishing goals as you did whatarunAA. I also gained 50 pounds. Man I need to get off my butt.
  2. sounds like an interesting format.
  3. ha ha ha...you are one busy guy daniel. I held out a glimmer of hope you might come down to the WPT southern poker championship in biloxi so I could meet you but oh well.
  4. yeah I forsee him losing the lawsuit, paying back the money, and if the allegations of harrah's and the rio allowing him to play while visibly drunk turn out to be true then they will suffer some consequence from the Nevada Gaming Commision and everyone will go on with their lives.
  5. i also am interested in what they say about this. It seems to me that it would be bots playing other than multiple people just at the way they play.
  6. its like they didn't even try to make it look like him.
  7. you have already won for the day with this statement. ha ha ha
  8. ha ha ha ha brilliant! I love how he considers playing blackjack instead.
  9. Man I would love to do this but as I haven't played online much I don't think you would consider me. I am not working right now so I def have the hours to put in and I really want to get serious with my game. I have played for a while but everything has been live. I play mostly in biloxi mississippi in 1 2 games live and some occasional half and half 4/8 structure.
  10. i heard it cost weekly to run it on your iphone with Fulltilt.
  11. sorry let me clarify...when the table opens there isn't a max buy in and when you rebuy at the table if you go broke you can only buy in for half the big stack, which i think is a dumb rule, I think you should be able to buy in as much as the big stack.
  12. the $1/$2 NL games only have a $80 max buy in? At the casinos near where I live in biloxi the min is $100 and you can buy in as much as half the big stack so if someone had $2000 you could buy in for a $1000.
  13. damn I always miss the stake threads for fulltilt. ha ha. hey coug remember me next time you stake for full tilt. I would like to get in that action.
  14. Being consistent with your raises makes it hard for people to pick up on any type of betting pattern you may have. That is a real good thing as I find that betting patterns is a big tell for some people.
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