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  1. i think the payout structure is the way it is because the wpt doesn't want to pay first less than a milion. It is better for tv if first place is over a million.
  2. ok i forgot to mention that 3 times earlier in the session that a couple of players had raised above $3 as a starting raise and everyone had folded. He is a good player and would have picked up on this. There is no way he thought he was building a pot with that raise.
  3. you have to shove here. The big stack is pushing you around and by folding A Q you are just letting him get away. When the big stack is playing this way you are waiting for this situation to arise so you can get all your chips in and double up. You actually have a better chance of making the money in this situation if you push than if you fold.
  4. in low limit this seems ok. I like to see a lot of flops in omaha. I just don't see a lot of turns or rivers.
  5. Hey guys I am new on here but I have a question about a hand that came up a few weeks ago. I host a .25/.50 no limit cash game at my house every so often with some friends and such. About a couple of hours into the session the following hand came up. A friend of mine that I have played poker with for a long time is in 2nd position and makes an opening raise to $3.50. This might not seem like a big deal but it set off alarms in my head. I had been paying attention to his betting pattern all night and he had only raised to $1.75 with AA, KK, JJ, and AK earlier. He was getting low on chips and it
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