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  1. Poker shirts are getting ridiculous. The only people I ever see wearing them are kids who play their friends in home games with there shades on. Or people who just recently got into poker now that it's so popular and they want to advertise to everyone that they are on the bandwagon too.
  2. I'm sure everyone has seen the WSOP Casting commercials. If you watched the 04 World series you've probably seen them 100's of times.And I could honestly see that as a plausible scenario for the upcoming years. Think about it, ESPN having casting calls for eccentric and emotional people who would make for some entertaining television. And then casing the people they think would bring ratings, giving them a crash course in basic strategy and giving them a seat in the world series.I'm not necesarily looking for replies, although they are always welcome. I'm just bored and this is what I was t
  3. I work at a poker store in the mall and we have a few different shirts and I can honestly say i've never seen one being sold.
  4. Has anyone tried any of the real money MTT on poker champs. I played a freeroll just to check out the structure and after 1 hour and 45 minutes the pool of 1004 players widdled down to the final table. I busted out 9th and won the grand total of $1. I know all the noobies play freerolls but are the real tourneys even half as loose? maybe it was just this tourn. but any other poker champs responses would be appreciated.
  5. I know what you are talking about. I see a lot of older players, my father included, who grew up playing stud games or draw poker, but are still new to holdem. While their poker experience gives them the basic knowledge of the game the difference in holdem strategy makes them easy targets for educated holdem players. And then the attitude comes from the "I'm older and wiser and you're younger and dumber" mentality.
  6. American Dad probably won't make it. The characters just aren't likeable. The son is pretty much Neal Goldman who no one likes anyway. The Alien is an unfunny Brian. The goldfish is an unfunny Stewie with that annoying German thing going on. And the dad is just making fun of republicans. But there are only so many conservative jokes you can make, and the average cartoon watcher may not be up on his politics to understand them all anyhow.
  7. I agree with Juanda and Ivey being more intimidating, but I would feel really uncomfortable with lederer's stare. Juanda and Phil stare at you really intense, but Howard just rests his head in his hand and looks at you. It's like Juanda and Phil are really trying to intimidate you but Howard is actually reading you and it makes you afraid to move at all.
  8. I don't mean to sound rude, but judging by the question, are you over 21?And if you are looking to only invest $10 don't you think you could find another use for the 10 grand then a seat in the main event.
  9. The Waffle House in STL sucks. The food sucks and one of there employees got busted for dealing on the job.I don't really eat much when I play, I just kill a huge amount of Sunkist orange soda.
  10. Either try and regain your confidence or quit. If you go into a game expecting to lose, you will.
  11. I was playing a MTT on UB and about an hour into I get dealt :spadesa: :spadesk: on the button, I raise 3X the bb and both blinds call me. Flop comes :spades4: :spadesj: :clubs10: 1st position Raises about half his stack which is about 1/4 of mine. 2nd Pos. folds. With the Nut Flush draw and The nut Str8 draw I call. Flop comes :heartsq: He immediately goes all in I called right away considering worst case scenario, he flips AK and we split the pot, but he flips J4 offsuit. River is a blank and my Ace high straight busts him.His parting words: "Nice call on the flop idiot."My respo
  12. 5/6 About a year ago I was in the bb with this and didn't get raised so i check and the flop came 665 I honestly don't remember how I played it but the turn was an Ace and the river was a six. So I flopped the boat and river'd quads. It most likely will never happen again but If I get dealt 5/6 I always remember back on it.
  13. I played Superior poker and it was really lame. I'm not sure of it's origins, but I was usually one of the maybe two people at the table from the U.S. so i'm not sure about it's popularity in the states.
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