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    Tennis is on the top of my list along with reading. I just took up poker so lets see about that.
  1. Watch this firsthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S3C4AC908wAnd this secondhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4HFoYqCA6g..._embedded#t=126
  2. I am but unfortunately I probably won't be able to see it until next week. Work keeping me occupied.
  3. Damn I got nothing. I submit. I shall tell all of facebook that I've had the privilege of sexing Sal Paradise
  4. Ah I see. Unfortunately you don't really know if I play for the rainbow team. So you just may not be a person that I will sleep with.
  5. You don't need me for that. You could always make your own facebook account and pretend to be a girl who tells people she has slept with you.
  6. What do I get in return? And don't tell me the satisfaction of being touched.
  7. Its probably a dream and the preview of course had to show a clip of that. Priceless
  8. Oh well is exactly what I thought.
  9. There is always a group of extremists in every religion...
  10. Some accidental touchings:Girls always change in front of other girls. My best friend is a little on the shy side so when shes changing in the gym locker she always holds up her towel in one hand while trying to put on her clothes with the other. This one day while we were at the gym her towel slipped out of her grasp and I went to grab it, to put it back into place. Accidentally I grabbed her boob and she gave a little screech. It was very awkward and not satisfying at all. My friend (who is now my bf) and I were sitting on the couch watching some movie. When a kernel of popcorn fell down and
  11. I have yet to see a decent preview of this movie. I went to the movies last week and began to watch what I thought would be a preview of District 9. All I saw were very quick shots of the city, the aliens, and I think I may have heard a total of 20 words. I have no clue what the movie is about based on the preview and all the posters I've seen so far...
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