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  1. Haha, yeah of course I called and as it happens I lost (JhQh). I'm just fairly new to regular online poker and I was interested to see whether anyone would put forward an argument for folding in this spot. My thoughts were that at this point in the hand I'd only invested 100 chips and could walk away with over 60 big blinds and be very close to chip lead. Also, I had absolutely no idea what he had and felt his flat call from SB could really have been anything from any random two hearts through to JQ, TT, 99, AA.
  2. PokerStars Game Tournament $6.00+$0.60 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50)6-max Seat #6 is the button. Seat 1: VILLAIN (3120 in chips), Seat 6: HERO (3150 in chips). 4-handed.*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to HERO [Tc Ac]OP: folds HERO: raises 50 to 100VILLAIN: calls 75 from SBBB: calls 50*** FLOP *** [9h As Th]VILLAIN: bets 3020 and is all-IN.HERO: ?????-------So this guy has been pretty wild so far. He's shot some massive overbets at flops from all positions. A couple of times those bets were bluffs; other times he's shown a set or a made straight, etc.What do I do here? The other two players
  3. As it happens, I thought for a long time and convinced myself it was a bluff. I called, and he was in fact firing with shit: he had K8 off. What a total madman. Taking that pot down, I went on to dominate the table with my double-stack and win the tourney, but thinking about it I decided the call was less heroic and more just risky to the point of stupid really. I think I agree with the general sentiment: in the long run, I have to be folding that hand.
  4. So it's the first hand of my standard bread-and-butter $13 SnG on PS. I find a nice hand a get some action but play it small-ball figuring I'll take it easy on the first hand. Then he makes this move on the river... My gut instinct is that such a wild over-bet has to be a bluff. What do you think?PokerStars Game #30432021427: Tournament #179154386, $12+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2009/07/13 20:19:54 ETTable '179154386 1' 6-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Hero (1500 in chips) Seat 2: VILLAIN (1500 in chips) Seat 3: JackBrag (1500 in chips) Seat 4: BigLips1959 (1500 in chips) Seat 5
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