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  1. So i was playing 1/2 NLHE the other day at the casino.believe the kid UTG or UTG +1 raised it to 27 dollars. I was in next position with AK so i called, the next 2 guys next in line called the raise as well.So at this point there is just over 100 dollars in the pot. the flop comes Q K 4 with 2 spades, the original raiser goes all in. which puts me all in for another 60? dollars... can i really fold top pair with top kicker?the rest of the hand goes as follows:the next guy in line calls all in for all his chips as well, (he had 44 in the hole) and then the following guy put all his chips (on a
  2. how do they figure out FPP in cash games?
  3. Helmuth hands downhe has 10? wsop bracelets all in hold em... while Ivey has none
  4. you could try playing with play money...
  5. What are the odds of 2 players flopping the same trip in the same hand?Like you are each holding a Jack and the flop comes JJx?
  6. 1. delete PStars and Full Tilt off your computer2. Call your dad3. 1-800-Bets-Off
  7. i already have been playing on there for like 6 months now...it was a friend that couldnt get it, and i never had any problem so i never thought about him downloading the wrong software...FWIW, my PS name is the same is my FCP name
  8. if he says he misses partypoker, then he misses partypoker...Partypoker will always have a place in my heart, first site i played on. there was always a party to be found @ partypoker
  9. maybe someone saying download pokerstars.COM would have been helpful but thats to much to ask for i guess
  10. yea, i know he downloaded .net... that doesnt tell me anything
  11. no thanks to you guys for help. we figured it out, he had downloaded the .net one which is the play money client.worthless forum
  12. My friend just created a Poker Stars account and he cant deposit any real money, he says there is no cashier option for him to buy chips? he said he validated his email address...any help please?TIA
  13. tbrick412 is my coach right now... i've yet to reap any rewards from it
  14. i know that the wheel straight flush isn't the only straight flush you can have...the odds of A-5 have to be the same of 10-A of all same suit... its not like when you have 2-5 and can hit either the A or 6 for your str8 flush... there are 5 cards and 5 cards only that can give you your straight/royal flush A-5 or 10-A
  15. A-5 all same suit.. 10-A all same suit... only 5 cards will get you that straight/royal flush
  16. why are the odds of hitting a straight flush (A-5) not the same as hitting a royal flush?
  17. raise, and 2 callers before you act...and its no simple 3x bb, they are raises of 5-6x the bb
  18. 10 J suited in late position (very playable) but when someone raises the blind... it doesnt look so goodor any suited connectors (lot of people will play them if the price is right)
  19. is when you get very playable hands after long stretch of being card dead. and every time someone else raises the blind so you have to fold once again
  20. is it bad poker etiquette for a person (who was not involved in the hand) to tell someone nice hand?the person who lost is already upset at how many chips he lost on that hand and then to hear nice hand and thank you flying around the table.if it were something like straight flush or quads...something that doesnt happen all that often. but a simple trips over 2 pr. i dont think there is any need to say nice hand./rant
  21. for the record, i was in 8th positon and the reraise came from the button with like a QJ suited?so i had the hand dominated.___________________________My poker name is same as my SN.____________________________this is not a joke acct...i joined a few weeks ago, been reading just havent been posting.
  22. So im playing on Poker stars today and every tourney i get into, i come across a lucky donk who takes me out.I am like Phil Helmuth at the table and i tell people when they make a retarded play. like calling a raise and a reraise with K 10 off out of position and they get lucky and catch a 10 on the river and beat my KJ.so i tell him he is a donk and a terrible player and i go on trying to teach him that K10 is like 27 when facing a raise and reraise.him being the genius and everything thinks he is so great cuz he caught his miracle card on the river with a 7% chance to win on the river.he goe
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