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  1. I won't get tired of saying net profit is absurd in this discussion, dumbass will take it out of context as they generally do, and it is expected though. Sad people.I'm seriously considering changing my sig to james dumbass lol its too tempting
  2. Hey FARGO whats up buddy????Thank you u amaze me too, and your nick rocks
  3. lol its funny that u think that putting your name was an insult. Cmon buddy how should yur name be an insult? no way!!!JAMES Dick sorry its JAMES Dloooool
  4. Believe me that FARGO is tooo funny for anyone who speaks spanish. lol
  5. loolDude u r too funny, sorry but I won't establish any kind of discussion with you, its like talking to a monkey or something, and im not kidding. Its like u dont think i dont know.lool FARGOOOOOO
  6. guys i really don't care wat u think, u've showed me what and who u are, how u "think" everything in your smart posts.This is it, It would be really so sad I have to keep on arguing with a bunch of soft headed idiots llike JAMES D (lol) Tehtoe and Fargopoker (Fargo funny nickname do u know what it means in spanish??? lol im sure u dont want to know) Keep posting guys!!! u r all very clever people, really.
  8. ok ill tell yahis net profit is your average salary multiply by 738644
  9. the worst thing is that u were serious when u asked for the net profit at the beginning of the topic. And now ashamed of that u act as u r joking. Isnt it shameful???? JAMES D lol
  10. Hellmuth won more money in 1 day than u will earn in your whole life. if that tells u anything
  11. So? i guess u haven't eitherlol each answer i read is getting each time even more stupid.
  12. lol, u know what??I know it turned all like a joke but when u know u are not right, u end up acting as if u are joking, it generally happens don't worry.nice try anyway
  13. okkk if u guys consider Jamie Gold as the best poker player ever because he won the most money, then there is nothing to discuss here. U've showed up your perception of poker skills.
  14. so I insist, Jamie Gold should be consider the best poker player ever?
  15. lol at least i can respond with some logic. When u lose a discussion u generally come up with some kind of aggresion. pathethic.
  16. If u win a $10 000 entry tourney and win $7 million will u be better than someone who won 200 tourneys of $100 buy in and won $ 4 million?Jamie Gold best player ever.ridiculousThis got too stupid really
  17. In this discussion is completely absurd,,,cus if not Gold would be the best player. I don't care who won more money. SO next time they chose the player of the year lets check their net profit. You could propose that if u want
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