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  1. the thread on phil hellmuth's best of all time haven't reached 24 of existance before it was closed unfairly . 14 pages in less than one day. pretty amazing considering the topic.I made some conclusions from it and want to comunicate em to you guys:1. If such a big thread was denominated as stupid by some, then it doens't speak well of this site at all, if we take into account that it had over 2500 views, 277 replies and 14 pages in less than 24 hours1 (bis). .Those who said it was a stupid thread probably read most of the posts and wrote replies as well2. .FCP Bob called everyone who read t
  2. so funny my thread got closed cus Bob found it stupid and now i see he opens threads for stupidity on purpose.
  3. I really have no idea who is rose, but if ur trying to pick on me with that its ok, i really dont care
  4. I guess u will have to hide under your bed when u realize there is no relation with rcgs, but this thread is so ****ing entretaining ,really, 270 posts in less than 20 hours should be the record for this site cmon
  5. at least im not so stupid to think that guy or lady is behind my account.****ing idiot
  6. btw all i know is that i replied to that rcgs59 guy early on this topic, search for it.
  7. how do u know it was on purpose? why couldnt it be a misspelling?now this is getting stupidI promise i have no idea who is this rcgs and im not a joke account cmon man get over it
  8. im not a joke account moron u got no arguments nothing to prove that just saying stupid assumptions with no coherence at allu r a joke man
  9. ROLLING ON FLOOR LAUGHING; this is hillarious,,,,hahahawho the **** is rgcr????????looooolsome people are just too funny
  10. im really dissapointed Negreanu didn't post here, such a big topic and no comment, he prolly agrees 100% with me, yea must be
  11. ahahahahahahahah newb that is the most funny insult i ve ever heard in like 5 years looool i cant belive it LMAOOOO
  12. if i tell ya this topic will probably end here, and i dont want that
  13. So many slang words missing therebtw it seems u r a bit worry with that issue
  14. As u can see im not being rude, its just funny. Lol what can i do if u put a meaningless D in yur nick ROFL. Btw i dont think being called a dumbass could offend u. loland btw i decided i will not put that in my sig
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